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  • Many people might be confused when ordering traditional food from other cultures. This applies to Mexican food, despite is being popular in many countries. Many of these people dabbling in Mexican food might be wondering, “what is guacamole?” For those wondering what is guacamole, at its most basic interpretation, it taste amazing! For a more more »

  • Are you interested in growing vegetables and plants, but you live in a climate that is generally not as conducive to this process? If so, you may want to consider using hydroponic growing supplies. This is because hydroponics are designed to help things to grow with water but not with soil. When it comes to more »

  • You have the perfect cake picked out for a special occasion. The only problem is the person you are buying for has discriminating tastes. How can you impress them even though they know all of your tricks? Try including edible flowers for cake decorating to not only makes your cake taste better, but look like more »

  • People who want to start living a healthy lifestyle will typically begin eating foods that are healthy for them. Unfortunately, some healthy foods just do not taste that good. Vegetables can be bland and unfulfilling, and diet foods sometimes taste like cardboard. Hummus tastes wonderful though, and it is actually produced in different flavors like more »

  • People who are looking for new foods to spice up a bland diet should consider adding hummus to their menu. Hummus dip or spread is made from finely ground chickpeas that are mixed with olive oil, sesame seeds, lemon and other ingredients. Hummus has been a mainstay of the Middle Eastern diet for many years, more »

  • Sometimes when you’re in Alaska you’re hundreds of miles from the nearest city. But don’t let that keep you from your espresso! Beaver Fever Cafe — Alaska Highway, Mile 1314.2, Tok; 883-5658 Brower’s Cafe — Barrow 3320; 852-3456 Chicken Gold Camp Outpost — Chicken 70 (Taylor Highway, Mile 66); 235-6396 Bering Tea Company — 310 more »

  • As one may expect from its position as the northernmost West Coast city and its cultural connections with Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, Anchorage is a coffee town.  The Yellow Pages list over 180 cafes in and near Alaska’s largest city, while Yelp recognizes 52, with a focus on the independent and local.  Some of the more »