Spice Up Your Appetizers and Meals With Fresh Guacamole And Chips

Spicy guacamole

Many people might be confused when ordering traditional food from other cultures. This applies to Mexican food, despite is being popular in many countries. Many of these people dabbling in Mexican food might be wondering, “what is guacamole?” For those wondering what is guacamole, at its most basic interpretation, it taste amazing! For a more in depth answer to what is guacamole, one must look at classic guacamole recipes and fresh guacamole dips.

Guacamole is made from mushed and whipped avocados with added oil and spices. The best part is that guacamole calories are relatively low. This is because you can compare spicy guacamole dip to other dairy-based dips. It is much healthier than these traditional dips while providing a similar consistency and usage. Guacamole is a great food for parties as well as used as a topping. It can be put on burritos or other Mexican style dishes. It adds flavor and texture to these dishes. It is also great as an appetizer at dinner parties. It can be paired with tortilla chips, as well as other types of chips. Next time you are having a dinner party or it is taco night, forget asking yourself, “what is guacamole?” Just go ahead and serve it to your friends or family. Continue reading here: sabra.com

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