Hummus as A Great Healthy Food Addition to Your Diet

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People who want to start living a healthy lifestyle will typically begin eating foods that are healthy for them. Unfortunately, some healthy foods just do not taste that good. Vegetables can be bland and unfulfilling, and diet foods sometimes taste like cardboard. Hummus tastes wonderful though, and it is actually produced in different flavors like roasted red pepper and roasted garlic. The most unique varieties of hummus can be found in Middle Eastern countries. This is the case, because hummus originated in countries such as Egypt, Palestine, and Israel. People do not have to travel outside the country to enjoy hummus though, because most supermarkets carry roasted red pepper hummus dip and other flavors in their refrigerated sections. Hummus used to be a $5 million industry, but more and more companies have been producing the dip to cater to a widespread demographic.

Hummus is an incredibly healthy food that is made out of chickpeas. It provides both protein and dietary fiber. Sesame seeds used in the hummus recipe is also a great source of amino acids. This means that hummus can provide a good deal of protein for people who are looking to move more towards a vegetarian diet. Hummus comes completely prepared in small packages, and most people enjoy roasted red pepper hummus dip on crackers or pita bread. Hummus can be a great at home snack, or it can easily be transported in a lunch bag or container for people who want hummus as a healthy lunch item.

Throughout the last five years, hummus has become a favorite amongst Americans. In 2008, more than 15 million people in the country indicated that they consumed hummus as a part of their regular diet. People are finding that hummus is a great way to spice up meals. Children also enjoy hummus and parents find it easy to slip some roasted red pepper hummus dip on crackers when their kids are searching for the perfect mid day snack.

People who like to cook find that hummus is a versatile food item to prepare at home. Many recipes with hummus spread can be found on the internet, and sometimes hummus brands print their own easy recipes on their packaging. Even though people may eat several pounds of hummus each and every year, they probably will not come close to the amount of hummus that was used to create the largest dish of hummus. This dish was created with eight tons of chickpeas and 154 pounds of olive oil. It won the Guinness World Record for the largest hummus dip concoction in history. More info like this.

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