Adding Low Calorie Hummus to Your Diet

Recipe for hummus

People who are looking for new foods to spice up a bland diet should consider adding hummus to their menu. Hummus dip or spread is made from finely ground chickpeas that are mixed with olive oil, sesame seeds, lemon and other ingredients. Hummus has been a mainstay of the Middle Eastern diet for many years, but the healthy hummus spread has quickly become a favorite of health enthusiasts, dieters, and people who want to try new foods. Hummus can be purchased that is fully prepared and ready to eat out of packaged and refrigerated containers. Hummus that is created to be eaten right out of the package usually contains roasted garlic, sun dried tomatoes, or roasted red peppers to give the hummus a wonderful taste.

Hummus is not only eaten as a dip of spread, it is used in different recipes and dishes. An easy hummus recipe can be found either online or on the hummus packaging itself. Recipes feature hummus as a side dish to a meal or the hummus can be utilized as an appetizer, snack, or main dish. Hummus is commonly featured as a vegetarian dish, but some recipes pair hummus along with chicken or beef.

People who want to experiment with hummus should understand that hummus is very healthy with a good deal of protein and amino acids. Fiber and carbohydrates are also contained in the hummus to help you feel full and satiated after eating recipes with hummus. Hummus calories are low as well with about 25 calories per tablespoon. This is incredibly low considering that hummus has a wonderful taste and texture. Hummus is also low in fat. This means that hummus calories and the hummus nutrition make the food a great choice when a low calorie diet is desirable.

Along with the low hummus calories and good nutrition
, hummus can also help to keep the heart healthy by keeping cholesterol low. Antioxidants available within a well prepared hummus spread can help to reduce cancer risks too. To make the most out of hummus, different recipes should be considered. A spicy hummus dip or even the addition of sweet elements to the hummus can make for a family favorite that is added to both snacks and meals. Make sure to pair hummus with pita bread or low fat chips so that the healthy food does not turn into a high fat treat. Helpful sites.

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