Edible Flowers Perfect For Any Cake


You have the perfect cake picked out for a special occasion. The only problem is the person you are buying for has discriminating tastes. How can you impress them even though they know all of your tricks? Try including edible flowers for cake decorating to not only makes your cake taste better, but look like something you would get at a five-star restaurant.

Edible flowers are part of many regional cuisines
including Asian, European and Middle Easteron. Flowers are added to food to provie, taste, aroma and color. For the best favor use only the ones that have been harvested earlier in the day. Wilted and faded flowers can be distasteful and often bitter.

Microgreens have been produced in the United States since about the mid 1990’s beginning in Southern California. A form of microgreens sold in a specialized growing medium, cellulose (paper) pulp, has been produced in Europe since about 2002. Today the US microgreens industry consists of a variety of seed companies and growers.

Microgreens are not processed in water. Microgreen seeds are planted and grown in soil or a soil substitute such as peat moss, or other fibrous materials. Some micro greens are sold while still growing, rooted in soil or other growing medium, so that they can be cut by the end user. Differences in the size and leaf configuration are based upon the specific plant variety.

Edible flowers for cake decorating for are the perfect way to make your dish look like it was made by a five star chef. An edible flower offers you a delicious way to top off your sweet treat. Find an edible flower that goes well with your cake, and please even the pickiest cake consumer.
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