Five Easy Ways to Become this Summer’s Hottest Host With Frozen Dessert!

We all love frozen desserts, especially in summer! Almost 90% of families in the United States regularly have some form of frozen desserts and most Americans will eat ice cream almost thirty times in a given year. Thinking about throwing a summer party but can’t handle all the pressure? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are five simple ways to take any boring desserts party into a summer event you’ll want to throw year after year.

1. Upgrade your ice cream container game
There are so many fun ways to add a little color to an otherwise boring sundae; try your local craft or grocery store and you’re sure to find colorful ice cream cups and spoons to make your desserts pop!

2. Go international with gelato
Gelato is an absolutely delicious Italian dessert, best served with a simple syrup or sugary coating. Want to take it to the next level? Pick up some premium gelato cups and transport your guests to another continent.

3. Save the planet
Saving the environment is a huge trend for 2018. Not to mention, it’s great for the planet! We suggest throwing a smoothie party with eco-friendly paper straws, to go cups, and other healthy frozen treats. This way, your guests can enjoy sweet desserts and learn something too.

4. Something for everyone
The best way to keep your guests happy is by providing options for everyone…. even the pickiest of dessert connoisseurs. Try an ice cream buffet with fun dessert cups and spoons, sure to keep the color conscious consumer happy.

5. Froyo. Need we say more?
Froyo is the “it” dessert of the decade. Froyo is an abbreviation for frozen yogurt and it is taking the desserts world by storm. Additionally, many families are looking for healthier alternatives to their favorite post-meal indulgence. And sure, anyone can throw an ice cream party, but it takes a real trendsetting party thrower to serve froyo as the frozen dessert of choice. Want to take your froyo party up a notch? Try some colorful yogurt cups to up your party game.

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