Seasonal Varieties Make The World Go Round What Customers Want To See At Historic Eateries

With the new season comes new drinks to share and enjoy.

Whether you’re renovating the main lobby or are putting the final touches on Christmas decorations, implementing American craft beers at your historic eateries is a wonderful garnish that won’t be overlooked. The winter season brings out some of the tastiest seasonal varieties and dark beers, perfect for supplementing the bar or bringing out to a party. Your event space needs to be dynamic, after all, and reflect the changes in your customer base. Want to help your visitors-to-be in finding food in a metropolitan area?

Take another look at your drink menu and consider adding these delicious ideas to the mix.

The American Craft Beer Industry

There are so many delicious drinks to choose from it can be hard to keep track. The craft beer market is worth an impressive $19 billion, ranging from small breweries to larger companies that have a few decades under their belt. You can find particular seasonal beers that can’t be located in any other country as well as specialized technology designed to bring out the very best in flavor. American beer refrigeration equipment and draught dispensing systems, for example, are designed to hold beer between 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s all worth it to find the most pitch perfect temperature!

Why People Love Historic Eateries

There’s a reason why families and couples love swinging by historic eateries. They’re a delicious way to experience the culture of a new city, with many places offering beautiful patios with which to view passing foot traffic. Others are chock full of fascinating history about arts and entertainment, ideal for birthday parties and much-needed get-togethers. When it comes to comfort food, all bets are off. Americans are estimated to eat burgers four times per month, with beer remaining the preferred beverage of choice for many adults.

Americans’ Favorite Alcoholic Beverages Today

Choosing a restaurant, more often than not, comes down to the food and drink menu. Who wants to go to a bar that only has the basics? A study conducted in 2014 found nearly 50% of 18 to 35 year-olds choosing beer as their favorite alcoholic beverage. Another 85% of active craft beer consumers state they like to choose their beer depending not on the brand or a recommendation, but the season. This means your menu should be both trendy and dynamic.

Popular Seasonal Varieties For Your Menu

With fall in the past and winter in full swing, your historic eateries need to reflect the snow in its menu options. Discovery of new beers is very popular with 90% of imported beer drinkers, thanks to a recent study, and seasonal varieties always see a spike when it gets cold. Dark beers and beer with a little bit of a kick — think pumpkin spice or ginger — are a great way to warm the stomach and delight the taste buds. You can also see hard cider holding out strong, due in no small part with the mixture of sweet and tart that pairs well with hearty winter dinners. Even better?

Creating The Best Bar For Happy Hour

Give your fall cocktails and bar for happy hour a special touch. Take a few hours this month to look over what you have to offer and whether it’ll get people talking or snoring. Back in 2014 over 40% of American drinkers reported they generally drink beer, with another 30% stating they prefer wine. Historic eateries are expected to be both a relic of the past while still offering modern comforts. Helping out local breweries in your area does the dual work of promoting small businesses while giving your customers something they can’t get anywhere else.

Usher in the new season with a pumpkin ginger beer or crisp honey cider. Your customers will thank you!

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