Use Paper Cups to Lessen Your Environmental Footprint!

How Do You Take Your Coffee

Coffee makes the world go around, but did you know what what you use to drink it can have many benefits? The next time you sit down for a cup, consider using plain white paper cups to hold your beverage.

The Benefits of Plain White Paper Cups

While it may not seem as chic as other options paper coffee cups actually come with a whole host of benefits.

  • They are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic coffee cups. Paper is biodegradable, unlike styrofoam or plastic, which makes it better over all for the environment. Plastic waste is a huge problem in the environment today, and switching to paper is just one little personal change you can make to do your part in combating the issue. Paper cups decompose quickly, and purchasing ones that are already made from recycled material can help even more to lessen your environmental footprint.
  • They are lightweight and convenient. Being made of paper, they are lighter in weight then some heavy plastic alternatives, and won’t leave you wish an extra dish to wash out at the end of every night. Additionally they can be bought in easy to carry packs so that you can always have some handy when you need them.
  • Compared to styrofoam cups they are easy to handle without any added toxic materials added in their creation. While some reusable cups are BPA free, they can also be clunky and inconvenient to carry around; with paper cups what you see is what you get. With so many chemicals used in the manufacturing of our products, eliminating contamination in just one simple product, can benefit you over all in the long run.
  • Paper cups can come in a wide variety of designs. From plain white paper cups to custom paper cup designs, you can get what you want. There are many companies who will custom make cup designs, whether for your business, parties, or personal use. (Keep in mind that plain white paper cups can also be doodled on during those boring morning work meetings, so bonus points there!)

Paper cups come in a plethora of styles, and have the added benefits of being environmentally friendly, and convenient for us! The above mentioned benefits are just a few to be found when you switch to paper cups. The next time you reach for a nice hot cup of coffee, consider stocking up on paper cups, some can even be bought with lids, for the ultimate travel combination. Make the switch today and see how it can benefit you!

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