Buying Bakery Equipment

Any good restaurant, big or small, generalized or specialized, needs the right equipment to function. Diners, bakeries, meat shops, and more will need machines for producing and preserving dough, meat, vegetables, and more, and buying such equipment can save manpower and time than if the food were prepared by hand, although this also means that crew may have to be trained to use such gear as an industrial dough mixer, a meat cutting machine, a dough sheeter, and more. Such machines will also have to be maintained and fixed and cleaned whenever necessary, but if they are maintained well, a lot of good food can be produced in the kitchen of a diner, bakery, or more. Sheeter bakery equipment is never far away if a bakery owner knows where to look, and the right sheeter bakery equipment can bring good quality dough to the table right away.

Food Business

The restaurant business is a big one. Annual sales in this industry have reached a huge $783 billion, and the commercial bakery market in the United States is showing similar growth. The American commercial bakery market is growing steadily, like in the past few years, and it has expanded from $26.2 billion in the year 2008 all the way up to $30.9 billion in the year 2014. Knowing the restaurant audience is also important for bakers and diners; meat consumption is growing, and the research and advisory firm Radobank believes that by 2018, consumption of meat will reach 200 pounds per year, per capita. Also, Millenial diners, those born between 1982-1995, will, at a 67% rate, prefer ordering healthy options at restaurants, such as those with minimal trans fats, processed sugars, or other additives, preferring more organic ingredients and dishes as a matter of both health and lifestyle.

Get the Right Gear

Any diner, bakery, or meat shop will order and maintain the correct machinery to produce high quality food and ingredients at a good pace to keep up with sales. For example, kneading dough by hand can take up to 25 minutes, but with an industrial dough mixer, much less time is needed. Hand cranked meat grinders may have a similar issue, along with other manual tasks in the kitchen. If a diner or bakery expects heavy traffic at certain times o the day and has a limited staff of chefs, it may be crucial to invest in these machines like a dough sheeter or electric meat grinder to the staff can keep pace with orders and not fall behind. Getting enough food out to customers can pay for itself in the long run.

According to Leaf, a dough sheeter is simply any kitchen machine that will roll out pieces of dough that are at the desired thickness, yielding a uniform, smooth dough in just a few minutes, which saves time from doing so by hand with a rolling pin. Sheeter bakery equipment can work with different dough types such as pizza crusts, flatbread, pie crusts, and pastry dough, and the bigger a machine is, the more dough it can produce at once, but the more expensive it will be. If a bakery works with fondant, or a type of smooth, sugary icing, sheeter bakery equipment can go a long way to producing desirable results, since any small imperfections in the icing are easy to see if done by hand. Sheeters, however, can produce perfectly smooth pieces in mere minutes, and such products may also be features in shows that involve baking and cake creation.

A restaurant’s customer base, budget, and the exact foods served will dictate what sort of labor-saving devices are purchased, and when. A small, family bakery with a correspondingly small but loyal customer base will probably not need sheeter bakery equipment, but a large, commercial bakery with a huge customer base may not keep up if only hand-made methods are used, so sheeters will often be employed to produce pie crusts, pizza crusts, and cake dough fast enough to keep up with demand.

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