Delicious and Nutritious Vegan Friendly Meat Products

There’s no doubt about it: more and more individuals all over the world are going vegan. But what does ‘vegan’ mean, specifically? Simply put, a vegan avoids all animal products; they do not eat any animals for food or use any animal products whatsoever.

Clearly, this is a lifestyle that is here to stay. Just think about the facts: in the United States in the last three years, there has been an astonishing 600% increase in the number of vegans. And all these folks are adopting this lifestyle choice.

A lifestyle choice is one thing, but how does this lifestyle choice impact their choices in the kitchen? If vegans do not consume anything animal-related, what do they eat? How can they be satisfied? Why would they want to give up so many delicious foods?

The wonderful, exciting answer is that they do not have to give up delicious foods at all! There are numerous vegan friendly meat products available to make delicious meals using vegan meat substitutes. Items such as vegan pork, vegan beef and plant meat chicken are used in recipes to create scrumptious vegan meals.

Many of these products are so delicious that they are consumed by non-vegans, as well. In fact, 100 million individuals in the U.S. who are not vegans have reported eating an increased amount of vegan food. That is 33% of the total population of the U.S., which means there is something fantastic and wonderful about the vegan world! Let’s look at a few things that explain some of the advantages of a vegan diet.

Increased Life Expectancy
Plant based foods, such as plant based pork, plant based chicken and other plant based proteins are part of the vegan diet. They replace meat products with vegan friendly meat products. A 20% lower mortality rate than those individuals who eat meat has been reported in studies for individuals who have plant-based food instead of meat.

More Environmentally Friendly
Using vegan friendly meat products can help cut down the production of livestock, and thus reduce–by about 18%–greenhouse gas emissions. Also reduced would be other gasses such as methadone, carbon dioxide and nitrous dioxide, all benefiting the environment. In addition, between 2016 and 2050, it is estimated that climate change costs (as well as health care costs) totaling approximately $31 trillion could result from lower meat consumption by consumers.

Other Medicinal Benefits
Vegan friendly meat products and a diet of plant based foods have positive benefits on severe medical problems, according to research that has been conducted. For instance, after a few weeks on a plant based diet, research studies showed a 90% reduction in angina attacks.

To sum up, vegan friendly meat products are an incredible source of nourishment–and they are so delicious! This is something that we can all be excited about. Not only can vegan friendly meat products help increase life expectancy, but because these products are good for the environment and have other medicinal benefits, they are all-around great for us all.

Now we can happily change the dreary phrase “eat it because it’s good for you” to the sunny upgrade of “eat it because it’s delicious and it’s good for you”. What a reason to be glad!

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