Taking a Look At The Importance Of Using Reclaimed Wood In The US

From wood siding to wood restaurant table tops, there are many ways in which we use wood in our world today, not only in the United States but all around the world. Wood is infinitely versatile, and can be used in ways relating both to form and function. Design elements made from wood can add a certain elegance to any home or place of business and wood furniture is known not only for being stylish but for being long lasting as well, typically lasting as many as fifteen to twenty years, if not even longer, when it is well cared for.

But the use of wood, as versatile as it might be, can be hugely problematic. After all, with up to thirty percent of the entirety of the world covered in forest land, it is easy to see how we have assumed that we have an abundant and unlimited supply of wood. Unfortunately, this is far from true and deforestation not only in the United States but all around the world has contributed to the significant dwindling of such forests and jungles from one corner of the earth to the next. Here in the United States alone, as many as three trillion tons of timber have been milled in the last nearly thirty or so years alone.

But what are the impacts of using so much new wood? For one, we need trees to survive. If you were not already aware (as most people are), trees are one of the main sources of oxygen here on the planet earth. And without oxygen, humans (and many other animals and other such creatures) are simply not able to survive. As just one full grown tree can provide enough oxygen for two grown adults for a full day, cutting down each and every tree can have a pronounced effect.

And it’s not just the impact on humans that makes cutting down so many trees such a bad idea. This is because trees play an incredibly important part of any forest or jungle ecosystem. When you cut down a great number of trees, you end up stripping many different animals of their homes. This can disrupt the natural life of the typical animal that dwells in the forest, upsetting the wild and natural world in quite a significant way.

So what is the solution here? We could always plant new trees, and this is a good first step, but the typical newly planted tree is likely to take as many as sixty years before becoming fully matured, meaning that the planting of trees is not a permanent solution for deforestation – at least not at the rates that it is occurring in today. Buying reclaimed wood instead of brand new wood is a great way to help reduce the amount of new wood that is created.

Reclaimed wood is becoming more popular than ever before, and can truly be used for a variety of purposes. Variety of reclaimed wood siding is particularly popular, as many people are using said reclaimed wood siding to create a certain look and feel in their homes – namely, a rustic one. After all, rustic homes have been incredibly trendy here in the United States, but there are a wide variety of ways in which you can make this happen in your own home.

Of course, reclaimed wood – from reclaimed wood siding to reclaimed wood chairs – plays a huge role in creating any authentic feeling rustic look. It is even recommended by interior design professionals that multiple types of wood be used to create the ideal rustic look. From rustic furniture to rustic wood siding or reclaimed wood paneling, there are many different ways in which you can make your rustic dreams come true. Using reclaimed wood is, of course, important, from the wood siding you choose to the wood implements on any of the rustic styled furniture that you decide to incorporate all throughout your home.

Reclaimed wood is a great way to combine form as well as function all throughout the world as well as in America.

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