Whats the Best Chinese Chain Restaurant?

One of the most popular internationally-loved types of food is Chinese food. With iconic fried, citrus, and seafood flavors, Chinese food is truly unmatched in the world of culinary deliciousness. With the spread of Covid-19, many restaurants have had to shut their doors for good, making a sit-down trip to your favorite Chinese restaurant impossible. However, Chinese restaurants around the world have been adapting for years to the takeout model.

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In this video, we will take a look at which popular Chinese food chain restaurant is the very best of the best. Let’s get started!

Starting off this list is Asian Chou, which is infamous for its shortcomings as a chain restaurant. The flavors of their food are generally overpowering, and the prices are way too high. Chowking has delicious Chinese fried chicken, but has an issue of delivering consistency in their meals. One day your food may be perfect, but the next it may be the opposite. Panda Express, however, is world-renown for their orange chicken. This chain is the most popular among young and older folks alike, with their tangy and delicious variety of dishes.


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