The Five Surprising Benefits Of Enjoying Peppermint Candies

Millions of people love mint candies, and while they are great for freshening up your breath, they also have many other benefits that most people don’t realize. Whether you love candy mints on the regular or you only indulge once in a while here are some of the biggest benefits you can get from them.

The Five Benefits Of Mint Candies

  • Antioxidants. Peppermint candies, in particular, contain a surprising amount of antioxidants. Research has found that the peppermint oil used to create these mints is even higher than levels found in many fruits, vegetables, and cereals. This benefits you due to the fact that antioxidants help safeguard your body from infections and diseases. It also helps protect your cells from the attacks that occur when your body breaks down and processes food.
  • Fresh Breath. This is the most obvious one on this list, but it still warrants mention. When it comes to keeping your breath fresh while you don’t have access to a toothbrush, nothing beats the refreshing flavor of mints. In fact, peppermints don’t just mask bad breath odors, but the oils within the mint actually kill the odor killing microbes to ensure your breath really is as fresh as can be. So before you head out on your next big date, stop by the candy shop and pick up a couple of refreshing mints.
  • Stomach Soothing. If you have an upset stomach you may think that ginger candies are the thing you should turn to; however, mint candies can have a similar effect. Peppermint has been shown to be able to soothe gastrointestinal issues that can cause cramps, nausea, and even irritable bowel syndrome. This calming effect has even been used by patients going through chemotherapy to help prevent nausea associated with the treatments. If you’re prone to upset stomachs, it may be worth ordering candy mints in bulk from a convenient online store, just to ensure you always have some on hand.
  • Tention Headaches. These headaches are the worst, and they’re often brought on by fatigue, stress, or anxiety. While over the counter pain relievers can help, it may be worth popping a mint first to help ease the pain. One study even found that mint could be as effective as acetaminophen within 15 minutes of ingestion. If you’re someone who gets frequent headaches but doesn’t want to overuse painkillers, this is one option to try at least once.
  • Concentration. If you’re a college student then this one is for you. Studies have shown that if peppermint is ingested before taking a test, overall performance is increased. This was even tested out by psychology professors who all received surprisingly positive outcomes. While this isn’t a substitute for studying, it can help you focus and better remember the things you’ve learned prior so that you can get the best test score possible.

Mint candies are not just for freshening up your breath after a blooming onion, the additional benefits that can come from enjoying these refreshing treats is something everyone should be aware of. Not only can they boost concentration, ease headaches, and soothe an upset stomach, but they can also help boost your antioxidant levels and keep you healthy all year round. So the next time you hit the local or online candy store, remember to stock up on some good old fashioned mints.

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