Fine Dining Is Just As Much About The Experience As It is The Food The Visual Pop Of Micro Greens

Your menu should be more than just tasty. It should be a work of art.

It’s what separates ‘food’ from ‘cuisine’. The little touches you put on each plate stand out to your customers in ways that transcend a meal, crafting a memory they won’t soon forget. Organic micro greens are one of the simplest, and most effective, ways of spicing up your menu. Like a painter with a brush you add more color to your salads and more style to your pastries. You could even extend the lifespan of the dish to social media.

What makes edible crystallized rose petals and herb crystals so appealing? Learn more about organic micro greens and how they can help set your establishment apart.

The History Of Beautiful Organic Micro Greens

Restaurants today are starting to wise up to what’s not working. Customers today don’t just want a good meal…they want a great experience. Organic micro greens have been around for 30 years, though have seen a resurgence lately thanks to social media and an increased interest in fine casual dining. Even if you’re confident in your menu’s ability to inspire and delight, consider shaking things up with a few food accents. Edible lavender flowers or crystallized viola could be that final touch you’ve been searching for.

Why More Americans Are Turning To Fine Dining

Where did the increased interest in fine dining come from? Perhaps it’s the love of a relaxing time, much more difficult to come by in today’s fast-paced society. Visits to fine dining restaurants went up by 3% in the past year, which translates to thousands (even millions) of more restaurant goers. According to recent data by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, households with incomes of $100,000 or more constitute 35% of all fine dining income. There is a wealth of potential to be found when you tweak your menu to perfection.

Social Media’s Power In Redefining Restaurants

Look no further than social media when you want to appeal to a wider audience. People today always have their phones out, snapping as many moments they can to add to their personal collection. A menu that’s filled with lovely colors and gorgeous compositions will be shared among family and friends, creating that priceless word-of-mouth all businesses need to succeed. One of today’s largest and most active Flickr groups is called “I Ate This”. It includes more than 300,000 photos of fine dining experiences shared by nearly 20,000 members.

The Flexibility Of Micro Greens, Candied Flowers, And Herbs

What makes organic micro greens so appealing to restaurant owners and customers are how flexible they are. You can add them to just about any dish. Sprinkle sugar flowers on top of a slice of cake to give it a sense of whimsy, add herb crystals atop a stew to draw the eye. There are over 100 types of common garden flowers that are both edible and palatable, which means you don’t have to sacrifice taste for appearance. When it comes to food presentation and plating, children generally prefer more colors and taste varieties. Adults, on the other hand, tend to be more minimalist.

Enchanting And Creative Ideas To Enhance Your Menu

There’s always room for improvement. The art of crystallized flowers will help realize your menu’s potential and create the buzz you need to push past your competitors. Organic micro greens are notoriously difficult to take care of, requiring an experienced grower and a steady hand to cultivate properly. They are produced from very young vegetables and herbs, kept in simple temperatures to prevent them from browning. Toss crystallized flowers atop a salad to allude to the garden it came from or add sugar flowers for wedding cakes.

Create the experience your customers want to come back for time and time again.

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