A Memorable Cafe Shouldn’t Just Sell Coffee Why More Locations Are Souping Up Their Soup Stations

Coffee is part of many people’s morning ritual. It’s a tasty and smart way to get ready for the day.

Whether a tall Americano with plenty of caffeine or a tasty decaf latte, coffee has a way of perking everybody up. It’s a simple logic thousands of cafes have tapped into to provide hard-working Americans the best possible way of attending to their workweek. Staying ahead of the pack and continuing to provide high-quality service, however, involves more than just coffee. You also need to master the art of soup and coffee accessories. It’s a personalized experience people are paying for and something better done with as many tools as possible.

Do you have extra wholesale paper coffee cups on standby? How’s your hot soup station faring? Let’s take a look at what any good cafe should have if it wants to remain successful in 2019.

Exploring The Growth Of Today’s Coffee Market

Everywhere you look you see people with coffee in hand. Maybe someone bought an iced coffee to push back the heat, maybe someone is sipping on drip coffee to keep themselves awake…no matter what, coffee is inexorably intertwined with American culture. The retail value of the American coffee market is nearing $50 billion, with specialty coffee leading the pack at 55% value share. Back in 2014 the country imported over 27 million bags and accounted for one-quarter of global sales. Recent statistics have even estimated American consumers drink nearly two cups per day!

Future Predictions For Global Coffee

Where will the coffee industry go from here? Several industry estimates might have an answer. Specialty coffees represent a little over 35% of American cups and are considered the highest in the world — the two primary types of coffee, even now, are Arabica and Robusta. Cafes remain a very popular location for working Americans to visit during their morning rush or lunch break, but that doesn’t mean you should grow complacent! Coffee preparation at home, according to recent studies, has gone up by 5%.

Buying Wholesale Paper Coffee Cups

Providing the best possible experience to customers is getting back in touch with why they come to your cafe in the first place. You might be tempted to say it’s the menu, but that’s certainly not all at play. Coffee customers, at their core, need something convenient. Wholesale paper coffee cups are a perfect touch for workers and students on-the-go, allowing them to enjoy their latte or grab a hefty helping of drip quickly. Couple these with coffee sleeves and you have a recipe for success.

Coffee Stirrers And Cups With Lids

Just how convenient can you make a cup of coffee? Keep tacking on those coffee accessories so every customer is attended to! It’s estimated 30% of the population drinks coffee ‘occasionally’, with 65% of all coffee consumed during breakfast hours. Coffee is still quite popular between meals and during random parts of the day, however, and keeping your coffee stations stocked is how you keep your business successful. Wholesale paper coffee cups, stirrers, and lids are a match made in heaven.

Hot Soup Containers And Cups

We’ve come quite a long way! Cafes aren’t just for grabbing a cup of joe, but for kicking back with a laptop or enjoying some hot soup on a cold evening. Americans eat a collective 10 billion bowls of soup every year — chicken noodle and tomato remain the most popular, though chowder makes for a tasty seasonal variation. A 2016 study saw deli operations, specifically, stating they plan on enhancing their soup stations. Consider beefing up your soup station so you can better accommodate the customer that wants to linger as well as the busy visitor.

Never underestimate the power of the morning ritual. Wholesale paper coffee cups, hot soup, and accessories remain your best tool in a competitive market!

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