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3 Reasons to Install a Bottleless Water Cooler in Your Office

It’s hard to get anything done without consistent access to water. When you have a water cooler in your office, it becomes much easier to keep low-sodium beverages on hand for employees and guests so everyone can stay hydrated.
There are some companies questioning are water coolers safe? While other environmentally friendly offices are investing in them to maintain their green image while remaining fiscally responsible. Investing in a high capacity American home water dispenser is proving to provide an attractive alternative to buying hundreds of bottles of spring or purified drinking water every year. Also called point-of-use dispensers, a water cooler dispenses water from a pressurized tank within the unit, typically yielding between ten and thirty-two ounces of chilled or room temperature drinking water per pull.

With large capacity units, you essentially get two appliances for the price of one. Bottled water coolers take up a lot of space, which can be particularly problematic in areas where foot traffic is particularly high. In an effort to free up space without having to sacrifice a clean and healthy environment, many companies have replaced bulky drinks machines with an advanced water dispensers. One of the best stainless steel water dispensers for your office might be Temptek water chillers.

Water coolers are a ubiquitous part of every office space across the country. They are useful for keeping your workforce hydrated and can easily fit into any office corner. Having close access to water for a quick break is a good way to boost productivity among employees. However, the question is, which type of water cooler should you choose? There are two main types of water cooler: the traditional bottled water cooler and a bottleless water cooler. Both might appear equal to the task, but a bottleless water cooler solution is actually the better choice. This article looks at three reasons why you should install a bottleless water cooler in your office.

  • Unlimited Water Supply: One of the biggest disadvantages to using a bottled water cooler is that the water supply is reliant on the bottle providing the water. Once it empties, if there aren’t any other bottles available, you have to wait until the company supplying the bottles arrives with full ones. In contrast, the bottleless water cooler solution eliminates the need for bottles entirely because it connects to the building’s water pipes, providing unlimited amounts of water. This means employees never have to worry about the water running out in the water cooler.
  • Superior filtration: Another pitfall to using bottled water coolers is they can easily develop mold due to poor filtration and leaking bottles. This can make using the water cooler undesirable and can potentially cause health problems for employees who are allergic to mold. The benefit of using a bottleless water cooler is that it uses advanced filtration which generally eliminates leaks and the chance of mold developing.
  • Better For the Environment: A third reason to install bottleless water coolers in your office is that they are fundamentally better for the environment because they do not require huge plastic bottles to function. Using bottleless water cooler solutions that don’t require plastic bottles that are bad for the environment is good in the long run since it means less plastic water bottles will be made over time.

In conclusion, there are three main reasons why you should install a bottleless water cooler in your office space. Bottleless water coolers provide an unlimited water supply due to being connected to the building’s water pipes; they also provide superior filtration and won’t become moldy like traditional bottled water coolers. And perhaps most importantly, bottleless water coolers are better for the environment because they don’t require the use of large plastic bottles that might eventually end up in a landfill. When the time comes to choose which kind of water cooler to install in your office, consider installing a bottleless water cooler.

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