Looking At Environmentally Responsible Alternatives To New Wood Use Here In The United States

With up to 30% of our Earth covered by forestland alone, there is no doubt about it that many types of wood are highly utilized materials here in the United States as well as all around the world. After all, new wood can be given so many different purposes. It can be made into wood tables, often used in the home as well as in commercial locations. Wood siding is also commonplace in many buildings, especially in those that are looking to go for a rustic feel. Wood is even necessary for the production of paper products, of which up to 16% more of are needed on a yearly basis here in the United States alone, let alone through the rest of the paper using world as a whole.

But using too many new wood products is likely to have a detrimental impact in the world, especially when it comes to deforestation. After all, up to three million feet of board lumber have been milled just here in this one country over the last 120 or so years, and wood waste is also not uncommon. If you take a look at any given construction site that is using traditional methods of construction, you’ll likely see that up to one quarter of the total waste that is generated is completely made up of wood waste.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to combat this problem, though it is one that is growing on a global scale as the years pass on. The planting of new trees can be hugely beneficial, and it is something that is being done more and more frequently, at least part of the effort to make up for he massive amount of trees that are being felled and used for the variety of purposes – among many others – that are being mentioned above. But as the typical hardwood tree can take as many as 60 years of growth before reaching maturity – and typically no less than 40 years at the very least – this is certainly not the only solution that should be put forth.

Using products other than wood products is also an option, and can even be a cost effective one. The use of metal table tops can be a great way to find an alternative to using new wood, and metal table tops are often quite inexpensive, meaning that the use of metal table tops is actually likely to save money in the long run. Metal table tops are great when many table tops are needed, and metal table tops are likely to be found in many an institution such as a school, where ample seating, such as in a cafeteria, will be necessary. In addition to these metal table tops, metal chairs like the classic steel ladderback chair can not only be cost effective, but attractive as well.

Of course, if the look of metal table tops and other metal furniture products isn’t up your alley, you can always choose to use reclaimed wood in the place of new wood. And reclaimed wood is becoming more accessible than truly ever before, especially here in the United States. From reclaimed wood siding to reclaimed wood chairs to even reclaimed wood paneling, you can use reclaimed wood products as an alternative to the use of new wood products for just about anything, much in the same way that metal table tops can be used.

As a matter of fact, wood tables for restaurants are becoming more commonplace than ever before, and many of these wood tabletops for restaurants are being constructed from nothing other than wood from reclaimed sources. This reclaimed wood is often just as attractive and appealing as new wood, and it can even, sometimes, be less expensive than the purchase of new wood products as well, something that is likely to make it even more appealing for the typical consumer here in the United States. For many people, purchasing reclaimed wood products instead of new wood products is a really great and easy way to be more environmentally friendly than ever.

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