UK Company Builds Luxurious Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up To Fresh Coffee

There’s always something going on in the food and beverage world. From Salmonella in our salads to Tyson Foods recalling nearly 40,000 pounds of commercial food packaging bags of chicken nuggets contaminated with rubber, we don’t hear about the good stuff as often as the bad. But, today we have a pretty cool coffee contraption that you might find yourself springing toward.

You already know we love coffee and we know you love it, too. Apart from the caffeine and flavor, the cafe vibe is incredibly magnetic. Cute little coffee shop packaging for gifts, printed coffee bags of your favorite blend, the perfectly volumed din of innumerable warm beverages being made, it all contributes to the atmosphere of coffee.

The average American coffee consumer drinks 3.1 cups of coffee every day. We know the first cup in the morning is simultaneously the most difficult and the most rewarding. If you’ve been paying any attention over the last couple weeks, the United States has seen record low temperatures. Coffee or not, it’s been tough to get out of bed to bother making it and even less desirable to drive to get it. Fortunately, one company invented a solution.

A company in the United Kingdom thought about this and built the Barisieur, a bedside alarm clock that brews a single cup of tea or coffee in the morning. That’s quite a lot better than a shrill alarm to jar your senses awake to subzero temperatures. The device even has a refrigerated chamber to store cream or milk, should you so desire it. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, resembling a wooden beverage tray with a hint of vintage record-player influence.

“The Barisieur is a premium alarm clock that eases you into your morning with the soothing sounds of bubbling water along with the smell of the freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea,” the website notes.

The price of such a peaceful and convenient morning ritual doesn’t come cheap. If you’re eager to wake up to the sound and smell of a cup of your favorite brew being made on your bedside nightstand, then maybe the $445 price tag won’t dissuade you.

For now, we’ll stick to creative coffee shop packaging for our caffeine purchases. As far as the Barisieur is concerned, we know what’s on our wish list this year.

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