The Benefits Of Regular Coffee Consumption

It’s true, the United States is obsessed with coffee. In fact, many of us would find ourselves lost without it, bereft and unable to function to the level that we normally do. Coffee has long been the savior of new parents, of late night workers, of students during finals week. It provides energy and strength when we need it most and many of us have come to love its taste, slightly bitter but rich, and have decided upon our preferred brands and methods of preparation, from the latte to the cappuccino to the pour over. Is it any surprise, then, that we love coffee shops?

Though big name corporate coffee chains certainly do not lack in customers, it is the smaller, independent stores and cafes that have seen a consistent rise over the past few years. With the average person in the United States drinking more than three cups of coffee in just one day, independently own specialty coffee shops are becoming more and more common in all parts of the United States. Nearly half of all employees in the United States say that coffee helps them to focus on their work when they are at work, and it’s important to not that many of these people will make it a habit to stop at a coffee shop every morning as a natural part of their daily routine.

And contrary to the belief of some, drinking coffee is typically not detrimental to your overall health. In fact, regular coffee consumption, a habit of more than half of all American adults, has actually been proven to have a number of positive health benefits. For instance, those who drink coffee on a daily or regular basis are able to reduce the likelihood that they will develop certain types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer, by as much as twenty five percent, if not more. People who drink more than four cups of coffee a day, particularly women, are also considerably less at risk for developing clinical depression or symptoms of depression by as much as twenty percent. One cup contains a considerable amount of fiber as well, nearly two grams and just two hundred milligrams of caffeine (one typical cup has about fifty mg) has been shown to increase the consumer’s ability to recall and memorize words as well as phrases.

From the health benefits of coffee and even tea (as tea also contains caffeine, though as considerably lower levels per cup) to the their ability to help employees all across the country (and even the world at large) to be more productive is important when looking to understand the success of it in the United States. These beverages can be found everywhere, from hotel beverage supplies stocks to office coffee delivery. Here in the United States, we thrive off of consuming (sometimes large quantities of) caffeine on a daily basis, improving our cognition, our memory, and even our productivity.

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