The Use of Organic Micro Greens In Fine Dining Establishments

Food is an important part of life, it’s true. In fact, food is more than important – we need it to survive. But just because we need food to live doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it as well. There is a lot of beauty to be had in food and food presentation, such as the incorporation of ingredients, a splash of color, or an eye for artistic design. The implementation of organic micro greens and types of edible flowers have been used for decades now to add a little something special, a little something extra to exquisite plates in restaurants around the country, and organic micro greens and the like can elevate a food or a particular meal out of the ordinary and into the realm of fine dining.

Fine dining is a popular past time of many people living in the United States (and outside of it as well). In fact, the average person in the United States spends nearly thirty dollars on a fine dining experience every single month of the year, pointing to the fact that fine dining remains popular for all types of people across many different and varying demographics and in all places of the country. Fine dining can create an ideal experience for many different scenarios, such as celebrations (for birthdays, promotions, etc.) to romantic outings such as anniversaries or even proposals. In fact, the fine dining experience has been even more sought after in recent years, with a slightly less than five percent increase seen in visits to fine dining establishments. And fine dining establishments are a particularly popular place to seek out a restaurant experience, evidenced by the fact that they make up as much as ten percent of all restaurant sales around the entire country of the United States.

Part of what makes fine dining establishments so popular is of course the superior food quality. The average fine dining restaurant is likely to use only the freshest of ingredients and the most talented of chefs to provide upscale dishes that are not only meant to satiate hunger, but to be an entire experience in and of itself. But plating is an important component of any true fine dining experience and our overall takeaway of it. After all, we truly do eat with our eyes first. We’re, in fact, less likely to enjoy even the most delicious of meals if it does not look appetizing and many people will not even be particularly willing to try something that isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

The use of organic micro greens and other edible flowers and plants has been one way to avoid this problem. Organic micro greens are not only tasty, they provide a pop of color to the plate as well. And the color that organic micro greens add has been found to be a good thing, as numerous studies have found that adults and children alike enjoy experiencing more than one color on their plate when they eat, though children are of course much more likely to prefer extremely color plates over dull ones, whereas adults tend to prefer only three or so colors (and, subsequently, three or so different food components to taste and enjoy).

From organic micro greens to edible flowers, there are many different ways to make a plate more artistic as well as appealing to all of the senses, from our appreciation for beauty to our animalistic hunger. More and more fine dining establishments and restaurants are employing the use of organic micro greens and other decorative but edible accents to their plates, as it adds that little something extra that fine dining patrons are so often looking to see.

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