Why You Need to Know How Your Food Was Fed

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Do you know if the beef, chicken, or pork you are eating was grass fed or grain fed? Most of us have very little connection to the source of our food and as such may not realise why such information is important. That is slowly changing as more people look to ensure that their food is ethically and sustainably sourced. Eating grass fed meat and chicken is not just a tasty experience, it is a healthy one too.

Wagyu beef is a perfect example. The prized Japanese-style beef is much sought after in gourmet circles and many Americans think that it is unobtainable for the average home cook. Yet, it is now easy to buy wagyu beef online. Local meat farmers now sell their wagyu beef and other produce to online suppliers who can ensure that meat lovers can enjoy the finest gourmet experience in the comfort of their own home. Doing so offers a variety of health benefits despite the decadent taste experience on offer. Wagyu beef tends to be grass fed and this means higher omega-3 fatty acid levels, up to seven times more beta carotene, and lots more vitamins E and A than other types of beef. Less than 3% of all beef sold in America is grass fed. Wagyu cattle are raised in the traditional Japanese fashion, grass fed with beer given to stimulate appetite and massaged daily. The result is the most succulent and tasty beef with these added health benefits making the decision to buy wagyu beef online that much simpler.

The benefits of sourcing produce with a clear provenance, letting you know where it has come from and how it has been raised, does not stop at beef. Wild salmon, for example, is up to 32% lower in calories than farmed and has less than half the fat — 13g to 27g — of farmed salmon varieties. When it comes to saturated fats, the acknowledged health no-nos, farmed salmon offers treble the amount of wild. The same is true of pork from pigs raised in pasture over pens. Health benefits include 300% more vitamin E and almost 75% more selenium in their milk, leading to healthier piglets and healthier pork.

Given how much meat — more than 66 pounds per person per year — and poultry — over 90 pounds per person — we consume as a nation, knowing how to source the best food makes sense. If you are looking to buy wagyu beef online, to buy free range pork online or any other ethically and sustainably source poultry or meat, make sure it is clear exactly how the food has been raised.

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