4 Tips for Throwing the Best Taco Party

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Do you love tacos? Are you the type of person waits all week for Taco Tuesday to come around, so you can have an excuse to suggest your favorite taco place for dinner and drinks? Tacos are one of the most commonly consumed Mexican foods and there are thousands of taco restaurants around the country. An even better way, however, to share your enjoyment of tacos is to throw a taco party. Planning an event around a theme can be fun for everyone and a taco party is the perfect party theme.

Decide on a date and time

The first step to planning your taco party is to set a date and time. Will you throw your event on a holiday, such as Halloween or Thanksgiving? Is your birthday coming up? You might even decide to plan it on an open weekend. Either way, deciding on a date and time will help you prepare with invitations, hiring the event catering, and putting the rest of the party plans in motion. If you have a specific event catering company that you want to work with, you also might want to check that they have your potential date open.

Choose a location

You will need a location to host your taco party. This could be in your backyard or you could turn your office into a work taco party. Consider the guests and where they will feel most comfortable. For example, your work peers might not want to come to your apartment. Additionally, your friends from home will probably not want to come to a work taco party. Choosing the destination is important in booking your event catering company. You want to make sure they deliver to your location.

Create a taco menu

Once you have the location and date chosen and have sent out the invitations, it is time to create the taco menu. You can create a taco menu that is upscale for fancier of parties, or you can create a casual catering menu, something that is perfect for backyard BBQs. Your event catering company will play an important role in helping you create a taco menu. They are the experts when it comes to choosing appropriate foods for the location and type of taco party you are throwing. Just make sure you have all of the traditional Mexican items that guests will expect, including guacamole and salsa.

You can even go with a taco bar, which allows guests to pick and choose their favorite Mexican items. Salsa has become the number one condiment nationwide, surpassing ketchup and mayo, seemingly the most American of all condiments. Also, tortillas have now been outselling hot dog buns since 2010. Instead of attempting to create a Mexican menu that will fit everyone?s needs, lay out all of the ingredients in a taco bar and let people create their own favorites.

Don?t forget the Mexican drinks

In addition to great food, Mexican cuisine is also known for its great drinks. While you might not be able to serve alcoholic drinks in an office setting, you can create the perfect Mexican drink menu at home. You can also serve non alcoholic Mexican drinks in the office, giving guests the same concoctions, just without the alcohol. With a carefully planned menu and accompanying drinks, your party is sure to be a hit. After all, in 2016 nearly 234 million Americans used Mexican food and ingredients.

Planning a taco themed party is a great way to celebrate your enjoyment of Mexican cuisine. Work with your local taco event catering company and create a menu of your favorite Mexican food and drinks. With one out of every 10 restaurants in the U.S. selling Mexican food, it is the most popular style of international cuisine in the country. Your guests will enjoy your taco event catering party as much as you!

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