How Ice Cream Can Bring Your Family Together

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Baseball may be Americas favorite pastime, but eating ice cream is probably a close second. With every summer comes the excitement of being able to visit your local custard shop and get an enormous sundae or milkshake.

According the NPD Group, in any given two-week period, about 40% of all Americans will eat some form of frozen dessert. Often visitors will not be alone but with family or friends, considering that 90% of households in the United States indulge in a sweet, frozen treat on a regular basis.

Thanks to the country’s love for frozen desserts, ice cream stores have become a booming market. One type of treat that has become one of the most popular desserts around is frozen yogurt. The shops who offer it often allow the customers to fill their cups themselves with whatever flavor yogurt and toppings they desire. Frozen Yogurt stores have become so popular in recent years that just at the end of 2013, there were an estimated 2,582 vendors in business around the country.

Between custom frozen yogurt cups and plastic tasting spoons, the amount of supplies these establishments go through serving millions of children is astounding. Keeping up with the demand must require huge bulk shipments of all sorts of supplies.

With the growing variety of frozen treats joining the market, new supplies will have to be developed to get the frozen yogurt into the customer’s hands as quickly and easily as possible. Some shops prefer to use cups with their personal logo as well as unique spoons as a staple for their brand. Even napkins are personalized just to round out the essentials.

It’s hard to imagine a time when people won’t love their ice cream. The mix of delicious treats with the excuse for a social outing are enough to get anyone out to their local shop. What better family activity is there than to share some delicious treats and happiness with your children?

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