Ditch the Dip! Three Wacky Ways to Eat Hummus

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Hummus has a very singular rap, and we’re tired of it. Truthfully, hummus is more than a dip. It’s a spreadable, unforgettable, nutrient packed food that can easily stand up on their own. But in these three dishes, hummus especially shines. Here are three out of the box ways to eat hummus:
Hummus Pita Pizza
In our first act of dip defiance, this recipe with hummus with utilize the hummus as a saucy spread. For our grilled summer vegetable pizza, take a large whole wheat pita and spread red pepper hummus on it, like you would with sauce on pizza crust. Then, take toppings such as veggies, cheese, ground turkey, olives, and whatever herbs you want, then bake for 10 minutes at 450 degrees. Extra points if you drizzle it with some balsamic glaze!

Zucchini Hummus Boats
Nothing floats quite like zucchini hummus boats. For this recipe, you need roasted garlic hummus spread, pesto, two halved and hollowed out zucchinis, some feta cheese, and bread crumbs. Mix the roasted garlic hummus with the pesto and feta cheese and put 2 tbs inside of the hollowed out zucchinis. Then, top with the extra feta and break crumbs grill on medium-high heat until brown and bubbling.

Hummus Veggie Sandwich
Hummus dips turn to spreads in this off-beat rendition. Ditch the sloppy, gloopy mayonnaise and opt for this condiment with tang, zest, and ingredients that will have you feeling your best. Start with a hearty bread, such as sourdough, and spread hummus on one side. On the other, spread avocado. Then, begin your stack, and have fun with it. We recommend pickled red onions, balsamic glaze, smoked gouda, tomatoes, spinach, bean sprouts, cucumbers, and if you need extra protein, some turkey to top it off. We promise you’ve never had a sandwich this exciting before!

Hungry yet? What’s your favorite way to eat hummus? Let us know in the comments below!

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