The Way the Modern Cookie Crumbles

Wedding cookie favors

Do you remember the Cookie Monster? Out of all the childhood monsters and characters that millennials tuned into as kids, the Cookie Monster is perhaps one of the least threatening and most enjoyable. That guy had it right. All he wanted to do was eat delicious cookies. Seriously tho, who doesn’t like the sweet, comforting taste of freshly baked cookies? Pretty much no one. And for the few people who happen not to like the taste of cookies for whatever crazy reason, well, they’re not important. #sorrynotsorry

Since the infamous Cookie Monster first came onto the scene, the cookie has evolved far from the chocolate chip cookies the Cookie Monster couldn’t get enough of. Fast forward to today, and there are a variety of cookie recipes for nearly every diet, occasion, or holiday. Aside from gourmet cookies, flour free cookies, and gluten free cookies, corporate cookies and wedding cookies are now a thing.

And with all these kinds of cookies, comes tons of new cookie flavors. Today’s modern cookie flavors merge elements of classic flavors such as chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal and raisin, and peanut butter with new, healthier ingredients such as raw sugar, steel ground oats, flax seed, and cacao. Yes, there is such thing as a cookie flavor that actually tastes good while being good for you.

In fact, both traditional brick and mortal and online cookie retailers are springing up in cities — and websites — across the country. These businesses often have unique cookie flavors such as eggs and bacon, chicken and waffles, and honey habanero. If these cookie flavors don’t quite whet your appetite, not to worry. Classics are still just as popular.

The real star, however, in modern cookie flavors is the ingredients, with emphasis being placed on organic, GMO-free, and wholesome ingredients. Not only do they taste better, but they’re much better for you.

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