How to Hummus-ize Your Some of Favorite Summer Foods

Hummus dip recipe

Are you growing tired of the same old summer foods? Sure, hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni and potato salads and deviled eggs are all classic — and delicious — summer foods, but after having them time and time again, it’s easy to start losing interest. After all, why limit yourself when there are so many exotic, unique, and delicious summer foods to choose from?

This is where hummus dips and spreads come into play. Whoever thought a little bean — chickpeas are the main ingredient in hummus dip recipes — could be so good? Well, the ancient Egyptians did. In fact, a recipe for a food similar to modern day hummus as found in Egypt that dated all the way back to 13-the century.

While many people associate hummus spread with dipping pita breads, chips, or fresh vegetables, recipes with hummus are a lot more versatile than you may have originally thought. For example, hummus dips and spreads can be used as a substitute for many of your condiments such as salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and even marinades.

Deviled egg recipes are always a summer favorite, however, have you ever considered using hummus in place of mayonnaise? The creamy texture and slightly nutty flavor is the perfect compliment to the rich flavor of egg yolks. Similarly, hummus can paired with another favorite summer food, cucumber cups!

Experimenting and finding new and interesting ways to use hummus dips and spreads is half the fun. Don’t be afraid to get bold and creative. A great example is using hummus as part of a marinade for grilling vegetables, fish, poultry, or other meat. The fresh herbs and spices found in hummus along with its creamy texture lends a savory flavor to any marinade. Hummus can also be used in soups as a base or as a way to add thickness and more texture. Try adding a cold dollop to a refreshing summer soup such as gazpacho. The possibilities are truly endless!

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