The Past, Present and Future of the Coffee Industry

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Coffee is one of the biggest industries in the world, and each year, it’s becoming even more popular. New business ideas, such as having a mobile cafe, are coming up and helping the industry to grow even more. Take a look at the industry’s past, present, and future to stay updated!

The Past

  • The earliest recorded experience with coffee occurred in Ethiopia, and is actually a part of a legend. The legend of Kaldi states that he found coffee after realizing that the beans his goats were eating made them energized all the way through the day. After telling the local abbot, a drink was concocted from the beans. Finding that it kept the abbot alert through evening mass, the discovery was shared and the drink spread throughout the region. It then moved to the Arabian peninsula, where the coffee trade began. Once it spread to Europe, coffee shops sprang up for the first time. Originally called “penny universities,” patrons paid a penny for a cup of coffee and stimulating conversation. From here, it spread throughout the rest of the world to build the foundation of what we know today as the coffee industry.

    The Present

    Today, we know that the coffee industry is one of the leading industries in the world. In fact, Business Insider reports that coffee exportation by itself if a $20 billion dollar industry worldwide, while the industry as a whole is worth $100 billion. This stems from the fact that 500 billion cups of coffee and 14 billion cups of espresso are consumed each year worldwide! Brazil, Vietnam and Columbia are the top three coffee producers currently, and coffee is the most sought after commodity after crude oil. We have also seen new research to show the benefits of drinking coffee, such as the American study which found that drinking one to four cups of coffee per day drastically reduces your risk of cirrhosis of the liver.

    The Future

    If you’ve ever thought of owning your own business, coffee may be the way to go. With a 7% annual growth rate, it is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Combine this with the $131 billion sales turnover of the Australian franchising sector plus a coffee industry worth $5 billion in revenue in Australia alone, and you have one of the most successful business ideas right now. Should you choose to get involved, the Australian Tax Office makes it easy by providing a checklist for you to start your business! By investing in a coffee franchise, you grant yourself the opportunity for advice from other franchisees and you get to take advantage of a brand name. Get creative with it, that’s what owning your own business is all about. A great idea for your franchise might be taking it to the streets with a coffee van. A mobile cafe can be incredibly successful due to the fact that you can move around. Rather than a traditional business, if your customer flow slows down you can take it to another area to increase revenue! A mobile cafe will take the freedom you get from owning your own business to the next level. Have you ever thought of starting your own business? What’s stopping you?!

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