The 1 Little Trick That Will Keep Guacamole From Going Bad

Basic guacamole recipe

A lot of people often think that if you make fresh guacamole dips, you have to eat them all right then. If they don’t, the fresh guacamole will turn brown, and go bad.
Although they’re not wrong, they aren’t exactly right, either. The longer natural guacamole is exposed to open air, the browner it turns, but there are ways to keep those spicy guacamole dips from going bad. You can save fresh guacamole, and have it later. You don’t have to consume it all in one sitting. Here’s how.

Put your guac in a container. It doesn’t matter what type of container you use. It could be one of those zip lock ones, or it could be the bowl you served it in with a bit of plastic wrap on the top. Such methods will oxidize the guac — they’ll make it turn brown — even if the container is air tight, because there’s still air in there, after all.

Pour a layer of water over it. Yes, it sounds gross, but don’t worry. The water isn’t going to seep into the guac, and make it all soupy. It’ll just sit on top of your dip, creating a barrier between the delicious, avocado goodness and the air that makes it turn brown. Just be sure to pack your guacamole in there tight. It’s also a good idea to smooth out the top, creating a nice, even level for the water to rest on it.

Drain the water when you’re ready to eat it. That’s all you have to do when you’re ready to eat your leftover guac. Once that’s all done, give the guac a good stir, and then have at it.

Now that you know how to save fresh guacamole
, you don’t have to worry about eating it all at once, or wasting it, something no one should ever have to do. If you have any questions about saving guac, feel free to share in the comments. Good references.

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