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  • Ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato. These popular frozen desserts are a regular indulgence in 90% of American households. While most ice cream is produced over the summer in June, it is definitely consumed year-round–even in winter. Not only will the proverbial average American have ice cream 28.5 times a year, 40% will enjoy it more »

  • Would your business benefit from printed shrink sleeves? Printed shrink sleeves are the next big thing to hit the world of food packaging containers. The vibrant colors and total package marketing that printed shrink sleeves offers give it a huge wow factor sitting on the shelf. Some business owners worry that the higher cost of more »

  • One of the most interesting things about food trends and preferences in different parts of the world is that there are certain kinds of cuisine that reach great levels of popularity not just because of their taste, but also because of the overall food value they provide. All over the world, there are many examples more »

  • For those interested in making delicious food at home, cooking is often a fun, liberating experience. Creating something new that titillates the taste buds, positively affects the senses of smell and sight and provides great taste and nutrition is a welcome adventure for many, and many enthusiast home cooks routinely whip up amazing cuisine at more »

  • Garlic is any Italian’s best friend. But, what you may not know is that garlic has many different uses, and it is not just for use in culinary programs and canning classes! Here are seven surprising uses of garlic that will change the way you see about this little root. 1. Fights off bacteria Eating more »