Adding Oomph to Your Home-Cooked Desserts With Edible Crystallized Rose Petals

True leaf microgreen

For those interested in making delicious food at home, cooking is often a fun, liberating experience. Creating something new that titillates the taste buds, positively affects the senses of smell and sight and provides great taste and nutrition is a welcome adventure for many, and many enthusiast home cooks routinely whip up amazing cuisine at home for their families and friends. If you have similar interests, it is likely that you keep yourself updated about new, exciting ingredients and food trends, that can allow you to keep innovating in the kitchen while adding new, interesting layers to your culinary capabilities and expanding the horizon.

One of the things that have of late come to the fore when it comes to adding subtle but important enhancements to food is the concept of microgreens. These are little plant parts that contain both leaves and stems, and come in many different forms and flavors. Microgreens have been around for a long time, and have been used in cuisine of different kinds for the past 20 or 30 years. Owing to the interesting accents and flavor profiles they can bring to food, their use has received an upsurge in popularity in the recent times, and a lot of enthusiastic home cooks have started creatively using microgreens to achieve stellar results.

Let us talk about a particular kind of food accent that can have a profound impact on your desserts. Edible flowers have been in use for a long time, and offer you immense variety in the kitchen in terms of flavor profile, color tone and texture. Every home cook dreams of whipping up delicious desserts that not only taste and smell great, but look particularly appetizing as well. The use of edible flower petals can really kick things up a notch, giving you the option of adding subtle extra flavor to your food and making the presentation a lot easier and more interesting.

Let us take a closer look at what exactly edible flowers are and what they can bring to the table in terms of flavor and aesthetics. Till now, we are already familiar with about 100 different types of common garden flowers which are not only edible, but have interesting flavors that can bring subtle, delicate accents to both sweet and savory forms of cooking. Candied flowers or crystallized flowers have been in use in professional kitchens for a long time, especially for adding interesting flavors, textures and presentation elements to dessert preparations. By using things like edible crystallized rose petals as part of your home cooking, you can take advantage of the many opportunities that these bring to the table in your own food.

The interesting thing about the use of items like edible crystallized rose petals in your home cooking is that there are four different areas in which they can make a difference — taste, aroma, texture and visual appeal. If you have been an expert home cook for some time now, you would know that all four of these areas are extremely important to get right if you really want to create something unique and memorable, and this is why the use of things like edible crystallized rose petals can be such a transforming enhancements for your desserts.

If you are really considering using edible crystallized rose petals in your cooking, there are a variety of ways you can achieve great results. These work well with both dry and moist dishes, so you can use these petals to add color and a subtle rose flavor to your dry cakes and cookies. Using them in desserts like puddings, custard and as a top add-on in dessert souffles and molten lava cakes can add that little bit of extra flavor that separates top-grade desserts from good ones. If you want to get a little fancy from time to time, you can even use these with your panna cotta recipes to spruce up your plate.

Using edible crystallized rose petals can certainly elevate your desserts, making them more professional restaurant quality dishes with which you can easily impress friends and family, while giving them a chance to satiate those taste buds.

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