7 Surprising Uses for Garlic

How to become a certified chef

Garlic is any Italian’s best friend. But, what you may not know is that garlic has many different uses, and it is not just for use in culinary programs and canning classes! Here are seven surprising uses of garlic that will change the way you see about this little root.

1. Fights off bacteria

Eating about a glove of garlic a day has been known to boost your metabolism, fight off illnesses, and keep viruses at bay.

2. Cures a cold

While there isn’t a true science behind it, garlic has been used in the past to fight infections like the common cold. If you seep a clove of garlic in some hot water, you have made your own natural version of cough medicine. It doesn’t hurt to try!

3. Remove Acne

The anti-bacterial properties in acne can help to heal acne. Rub a clove over the affected area once a day, let sit for 10 minutes, then wash off. You can also mix it with some witch hazel for a simple astringent that can work under your moisturizer to heal already occurring acne during the day.

4. Getting rid of cold sores

This method works just like the acne treatment, cut a part off of a clove and rub it on the cold sore, and apply lip balm over it. Works like a charm!

5. Helps athlete foot

Garlic hates fungus, and will zap any fungus it sees in its path. Toss a few cloves into a warm foot bath and soak your feet for a half an hour or so. You can also apply garlic right on the area that needs to be removed for an even faster treatment.

6. Ban mosquito

There is nothing these blood sucking creatures hate more than garlic, so rub some on your exposed body parts to keep these bugs out of your personal space!

7. Use as glue

Garlic is a natural adhesive, just cut open a piece, rub it onto glass or any other crafts, and wipe away the excess. Everything will stick together perfectly!

Even though garlic has many different uses, there are many advantages of becoming a certified chef through different culinary programs in order to use garlic to its full potential in the kitchen. Culinary education and cooking classes are great extracurricular activities, and can open up job opportunities! Call your local cooking institute today to get started.

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