Whats the Healthiest Diet?

The YouTube video “What’s The Best Diet? Healthy Eating 101” is about deciding which diet is best. People go on diets to lose weight, improve health, and control chronic illness. Exercise helps manage stress, improves sleep, and leads to better food choices. There are many different diets and choosing one you like will give you the motivation to stick with it.

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The key factor is changing small behaviors and cutting excessive calories. Eliminating salt and sugar will help improve your overall health. Shopping for less processed items and cooking meals at home using fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, poultry, whole grains, dairy, and beans are components of a well-balanced diet.

The Mediterranean diet is a popular diet with consumers and one that many use. Cooking meals at home and shopping for real food on the perimeter of the store gives the best results. Those that succeeded with their diet exercised, modified their intake, and restricted some foods. Those that weighed themselves daily or kept a food journal found that this kept them from gaining weight. It was found that regular exercise helps consumers maintain weight or keep it off. Minor changes and social support from friends and family has been shown to help those on a diet.

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