How Danish Kringles are Made!

If you have never heard of the legendary Danish kringle, then you are in for a real treat! Danish kringles are giant rolled ovals of dough, stuffed with many different fillings and topped with a sweet icing. The dough is incredibly flaky and buttery, causing each bite of kringle to be sweet and delicious. When you first see a danish kringle, it can be hard to imagine how a baker undergoes making such a giant pastry.

Video Source

After all, a single kringle can provide around 12 individual slices for party guests! This video brings us into the world of the bakers in charge of creating the majestic danish kringle.

As you can see, a kringle takes quite a bit of work and patience. The dough must be worked and reworked several times, ensuring that there are several distinct layers of butter inside. This is what gives a danish kringle it’s beautiful flakiness. The fillings can range from cinnamon sugar mixtures to berry jams to chocolate nut fudge. Kringles are one of the best gifts to recieve during the holidays, so don’t hesitate to try one and give one to someone you love!


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