An Intro to Italian Cuisine

Italy is renowned for having one of the most delicious and enjoyable cuisines in the entire world. And it’s for good reason! But what makes it so mouth-watering? You may be surprised to know that most Italian cuisine is fairly simple. Most recipes follow a very formulaic pattern and use just a small number of ingredients.

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But it’s the quality of those ingredients that makes each dish come alive! High-quality, fresh, and in-season ingredients make all the difference in a dish.

To recreate some of your favorite Italian restaurant dishes, you need a solid understanding of ingredients and flavors. Knowledge is power when it comes to cooking! While Italian cooking is composed of relatively few basic ingredients as compared to other ethnic cuisines, each ingredient plays a dominant role. You should understand the flavor profile of every ingredient and learn what specifically it does for the dish. You should also take the time to learn how each ingredient interacts with one another to create a cohesive and delightful experience. There may be few ingredients, but each one is a heavy-hitter!

Watch this informative video to get a brief intro to Italian cooking and learn what makes it so fantastic!

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