How To Make the Perfect Espresso Shot

This video is about how to make the perfect cup of coffee using Rocket espresso machine. This is the primary coffee supplier of the world’s best cyclists.

Step one: to make the perfect espresso you need good coffee beans.
Step two: you need a burr grinder to grind the beans.

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Step three: you need a good coffee machine is required.

The best espresso is one that can be concocted in about 30 seconds and weighs around 50-60 ml.

This process starts with a clean, hot, and dry porter filter. Next, make sure to grind the coffee beans into the porter filter. This should not weigh more than 14-16 grams.

Once the grinding is complete, ensure to tamp the coffee with a tamper. Afterwards, put it into the coffee machine. Make sure not to burn the coffee. To ensure this, begin the extraction as soon as possible. Watch as the coffee is slowly pouring and count to 30 before removing the cups from the espresso machine. Finally, serve the espresso appropriately.

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