Rekindle Your Childhood Memories with Old Fashioned Candy

Americans love chocolate and there’s no doubt about that, especially with statistics indicating the same. It is estimated that 18% of the world’s chocolate confectionery by value were eaten by Americans in 2015. Another statistic shows that each year, 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate are consumed in Americans, which is over 11 pounds per person. Really it’s a ‘sweet tooth nation’.

But taking a trip down the memory lane from your childhood, you can’t help but wonder if some of the old fashioned candy still exists and if they taste good as they did. Here is a list of retro candies that will make you feel nostalgic about those childhood moments.

1. Big League Chew

If you know the history of Big League Chew then you’ll appreciate the strides it has taken from a simple baseball-inspired chewy to a full-fledged household bubble gum, ideal for people of all ages. First developed in 1980, this nostalgic candy has sold over 800 million pieces of bubble gums that come in a nice iconic foldable pouch.

Big League Chew old fashioned candy is packed with juicy bubble gum flavor and has a smooth texture for a fully stuffed cheek. They are also good for children especially for blowing bubbles.

2. Wonka Sweetarts

Wonka Sweetarts old fashioned candy are a vintage chew treats from The Willy Wonka Candy Company produced since the 1960’s. For candy lovers, this candy offers a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors. It’s ideal for anyone looking to indulge in a delightful candy that isn’t chocolate. There are two options of Wonka Sweetarts, hard sweet tarts and the chewy which comes in a variety of colors perfect for children. Unwrap you’re way through the sweet and tangy flavor of chewy candies.

3. Candy Buttons

Candy buttons, or candy dots are retro candy that has been around since 1977, it was produced by Cumberland Valley company and J Sudak and Son of Williamsburg. Small and rounded dots of candy attached ona strip paper, candy buttons were once the original kid’s candy. They feature variety of colors and flavors including lime, lemon and cherry, and makes the perfect candy treat for children of all ages.

4. BB Bats

BB Bats are nostalgic taffy suckers and come in assortment of flavors including banana, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Since 1920s, BB Bats have been around are still a popular candy choice for kids. As the name suggest, these retro candy is inspired by actual bats, and they come in their beautiful iconic yellow and pink wrapper.

5. Pop Rocks

This old fashioned candy offers more than just sweet flavors. It also has a loud popping sound when it’s put in mouth that makes it even more entertaining for kids. The pop sound is as a result of carbonated component inside the candy which explodes when in contact with salaiva.

6. Abba Zaba

Abba Zaba is a classic candy favorite made of chewy taffy bar and creamy peanut butter at the center. This may seem like unusual combination, but once you take a bite you’re left with very happy taste buds. They taste great and it’s one of those retro candy yo wouldn’t get bored eating.

These are just some of the old fashioned candy options that are still available with the same great and original flavors. Revive your childhood memories with these retro candies.

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