Alaskan Paradise: 4 Ways To Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Americans love vacation. In 2017, domestic travel totaled a staggering 2.25 billion trips, revealing that we don’t need to leave the country to have a good time. Although many people opt for beaches and sand when traveling, Alaska presents itself as an ideal location for those who prefer the outdoors. Let’s take a look at four of the best outdoor activities to indulge in the next time you visit The Land of the Midnight Sun.

  • Go hiking. Hiking allows you to truly feel the soul of the state. Although it isn’t always easy (and can be discouraging to beginners), there are plenty of options available to choose from — the most popular of which is Angel Rocks Trail, a 3.6-mile hike that features a lake and a gorgeous 360 view at the summit.
  • Go fishing. There are several all inclusive Alaskan fishing packages out there if you’re partial to the hobby, and there is certainly no shortage of fish. The most common catch is the Arctic grayling, as easy-to-catch fish distinguished by its slate gray color and large dorsal fins. If you’d like an extra challenge, try catching them with your bare hands!
  • Motorbike Denali Highway. The Denali Highway is a 135 mile stretch of lightly graveled road that extends into Denali National Park and Preserve. Described as one of the most spectacular drives in the world, it boasts vistas that go on forever and is punctuated by a majestic backdrop of the mountains and glaciers of the Alaska range. The ride is wild, to say the least, and can best be explored on a motorbike.
  • Try dog mushing. No all inclusive Alaskan vacation would be complete without an activity that can only be performed above a certain latitude. As the official state sport, dog mushing is a fantastic and eye-opening experience that you simply must experience. Denali National Park and Preserve offers daily tours so you can see how the mushing and kenneling actually work; talk about a truly unique adventure!

Vacation is what you make it. Whether you’re interested in all inclusive Alaskan vacations or would rather plan your own adventure, you’ll never run out of things to do in the beautiful state. Book your stay in one of Alaska’s many luxury wilderness lodges, and explore the surrounding nature to your heart’s content.

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