How Do You Make A Truly Memorable Frozen Yogurt Experience? It’s All In The Supplies

Creating a delicious treat for your customers is a complex task.

Just offering tasty ice cream isn’t enough. Not even a strong marketing campaign is enough! When your customers step through your front doors with sweets on their mind…what’s the first thing they see? Frozen yogurt cups, gelato spoons, and colorful containers are a strong first impression that will carry your business to greatness. If you’ve been scratching your head and wondering what your shop could be missing, consider glancing at the list below to catch up.

Just like a beautifully arranged ice cream sundae, a single sale is predicated on several elements coming together in cohesion.

Did You Know?

Here are some fun facts about frozen yogurt and ice cream before we dive into the kinds of products that attract customers. In any given two-week period up to 40% of Americans will eat some sort of frozen dessert, according to research by the NPD Group. The average American consumes ice cream 30 times in a year, in fact. Frozen yogurt stores have been particularly popular these past few years, providing that coveted balance between healthy and delicious. The types of frozen yogurt cups and general dessert supplies you choose will mean the difference between success and obscurity!

Eco-Friendly Paper Drinking Straws

What’s a good way to attract customers with more than just treats on their mind? Show off the green benefits of your business. There are over one and a half billion gallons of ice cream (and similar desserts) produced in the United States every single year. Eco-friendly paper drinking straws can go a long way in pushing back against the astronomical levels of waste created. They’re crafted to be biodegradable, with even their design alerting casual visitors that they can keep going green even as they indulge.

Fun Colored Spoons For Taste Testing

One of the most enjoyable aspects of buying some ice cream is the process. Customers love swinging by their local ice cream parlor and dabbling in flavors they’ve never tried before. It’s also more satisfying to know for sure which flavor you want to spend money on, too. Make sure to have your colorful spoons located somewhere obvious so they can pluck one out and get tasting. The more convenient your shop is for the casual customer, the better.

Custom Ice Cream Cups

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Giving your customers some much-needed convenience can go hand-in-hand with clever marketing tactics. Over 90% of American households will regularly indulge in a sweet, frozen treat, so make it count with custom ice cream cups. These can be fashioned with seasonal designs and your logo. This is a good way to show off to passerbys just what your customer is enjoying and where they might be able to grab a taste, themselves.

Fun Dessert Cups For Kids

Gelato supplies are just as varied as the customers that visit your establishment. One person might gravitate right to your colored spoons to taste test, while another might be in a hurry and asking for a to-go cup. Fun dessert cups can be very appealing for children, just small enough and just colorful enough to be perfect. Disposable ice cream cups can also be as green as your straws for a very appealing purchase all-around. Your frozen treats take a lot of work to make, so compliment them with the right products.

Frozen yogurt cups or gelato spoons? A little bit of everything is key to a memorable eating experience!

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