A Look At The Growing Popularity Of Beer In The United States

From the stainless steel growler to the personal keg to simply having a glass of the stuff at dinner time, there are so many ways to drink beer. And all of these different ways are taken advantage of, as beer is a widely regarded and highly enjoyed adult beverage for many different people here in the United States. In fact, beer is the preferred alcoholic beverage, with more than fourteen percent of all of the residents of the United States drinking beer at least once a week, if not even more frequently than that. On top of this, more than forty percent of the population that is at or above the legal drinking age says that they prefer drinking beer over any other type of alcoholic beverage, such as wine or hard liquor. All in all, beer consumption is on the rise here in the United States, with the average person living here consuming more than twenty seven gallons of beer as well as cider over the course of just one year.

Local and domestic breweries are also on the rise in particular here in the United States. In fact, as much as eighty five percent of all the beer that is sold and drunk in the United States is locally produced and domestically made. There are now more than four thousand and two hundred and sixty domestic breweries currently in operation in the United States, marking a fifteen percent jump in the total number of breweries in the span of just one single year. Many of these breweries are particularly craft breweries, which now represent more than ten percent of the total beer market here in the United States (twelve percent, to be more exact). And the craft beer market has been seeing quite a bit of success in recent years, and has now reached a total market worth and value that exceeds twenty three billion dollars, an impressive amount by any standards, to be sure.

So why should you frequent a local craft brewery instead of buying an imported beer from elsewhere in the world. For one, you’ll be supporting a local business, something that is incredibly important for a large number of people here in the United States. Supporting local businesses is crucial, as local businesses actually make up more than ninety nine percent of all businesses in operation here in the United States. On top of this, going to a craft brewery is likely to give you a selection of better beers to choose from, beers that you can take home in a stainless steel growler, a personalized growler, or even a mini keg growler. As craft breweries are likely to offer specialty beers that cannot easily be found elsewhere in the country (aside from some local grocery and convenience stores, that is), taking home your favorite beer in a stainless steel growler is ideal for enjoying a specialty beer is a great way to become a patron of a local business. A stainless steel growler that’s full of a local beer from a local craft brewery can also be a great gift for any occasion for the beer lover (or lovers) that you’re close to, be they family or friends.

Seasonal beers from craft breweries are also very popular, as they are typically not available at many other times all throughout the year. In fact, very nearly eight five percent of all people choose to drink different beers depending on the time of the year. It can also add a little bit something special to a beer if you know that it is not around at all times, and this can actually make your beer drinking experience even more enjoyable than it would be usually (which is still likely to be pretty enjoyable). Drinking a seasonal beer is also a great way to get into the spirit of the season, be it during the Fall or Autumn or during the winter months. Holiday themed beers are particularly common. You can even take home your favorite seasonal or holiday beer in a stainless steel growler and enjoy it in a stainless steel growler with your friends.

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