11 Cool Beer Gifts

If someone in your life loves beer, you’ve already got an in when it comes to choosing gifts. Here are some of the best beer gifts you can give to the beer lover in your life.

Custom Growlers

Beer growlers allow their owner to bring home their favorite brew on tap at the local pub or to share their own homebrew. There are plenty of growlers for sale, so it’s easy to find one that your friend will love. An insulated beer growler will keep their suds cold. A customized growler can be used to show support for their favorite sports team or cause.

A Personal Keg

If even a growler isn’t quite enough for your friend, a personal beer keg could be a great way to show you care. These will keep the beer carbonated and fresh at all times.

A Stylish Bottle Opener

Just like the smoker in your life wants a personalized lighter, there are a variety of unique bottle openers that make great beer gifts. You can get a stylish zinc alloy, a gorgeous solid brass, a church-key style, a wall-mounted bottle opener, or any number of unique personalized bottle openers that will bring your friend pleasure every time they use it.

Lambic Basket

You may not know what lambic is, but if you have a true beer lover in your life you can be sure they do. Lambic is a particular type of beer produced in Belgium. The yeast is finicky and wants to be poured and stored at an angle. A lambic basket is designed to hold your friend’s beer at just the right tilt.

A Nerdy Book

There are plenty of nerdy books out there for the dedicated beer lover. Check out The Brewmaster’s Table for a start. As you’re hunting for it online you’ll get more suggestions for other great books for beer lovers.

Microbrewery Subscription

Honestly, your local microbrew doesn’t even have to be the best one in the world. There’s just nothing like a freshly brewed beer. None of the monthly offerings that your friend gets may ever turn out to be their very favorite brew, but they’ll definitely enjoy the experience of trying something new and special on a regular basis.

Beer Cap Maps

If you got a buddy with a drawer full of bottle caps, give them something to do with all that. Beer Cap Maps include dozens of holes to be filled in by whatever bottlecap your friend refers. They can be used to show off a particular state or region or just the immense variety of a person’s tastes.

Membership in the American Homebrewers Association

One of the best beer gifts you can give a loved one is a membership in this association. If you have a friend who even thinks about brewing at home, this can be a great way for them to get started. The membership not only includes information but also lots of discounts at partner breweries and special invitations to events.

A Beer Candle

Got a friend who just loves the smell of hops? Now they can enjoy that smell all the time with craft beer candles. Available in several different flavors and from several different companies, these candles feature the enticing smell of hops mixed with scents such as vanilla and cocoa.

Beer Chilling Coasters

If there’s one thing you don’t want, it’s warm beer. Get your friend a set of granite beer coasters and they will never have to worry about this problem. Put the coasters in the refrigerator or freezer and then put them out when the party starts. Beer bottles fit right in them in the cold granite will keep the beer cool and fresh for a whole evening, or for however long it takes your friend to drink one.

Personalized Mug

One of the greatest beer gifts you can give is an elegant hand etched beer mug that your friend will cherish for years to come. You can get them in the regular pint-size or oversize if you want.

These are just a few ideas for some great beer gifts your friend will love. Make your beer fan happy and show how much you care by putting some serious thought into your beer gifts this year.

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