Behind The Popularity Of Coffee In The United States

If you love coffee, you are certainly not alone. From single cup office coffee to specialty coffee that is found at your local coffee shop, people all over the country of the United States consume coffee and coffee products on a regular, if not daily, basis. And many people do, in fact, consume it daily – and often multiple times in a day, at that. In fact, in one survey done on the American public, more than sixty percent responded that they had had at least one cup of coffee the previous day, and many had had more than just that one cup. The average coffee drinker living in the United States will drink just over three cups of coffee within the span of one day, from the office coffee provider to coffee from a commercial coffee maker. Coffee lovers come in all shapes and sizes and have many preferences and likes and dislikes surrounding how they take their coffee. But whether they drink it black or take it with generous amounts of cream and sugar, there is no doubt about it that coffee is beloved nearly universally in every part of the United States with more than half of all people living here drinking coffee on a daily basis.

The health benefits of coffee can also not be underestimated. Though the health benefits of coffee are not why most people drink it in the first place, it can be good to know that your daily habit is actually good for your. And the health benefits of coffee effect all parts of the human body, ranging from colon health to brain health. For one, coffee improves productivity. The caffeine in coffee, be it hotel coffee or top of the line coffee shop coffee, is hugely instrumental in this and many of us have come to rely on caffeine in some form (even if it is just a cup of tea, for those who may be more sensitive to caffeine and have a lower tolerance for it) to help get us going in the mornings and get us through the day. In fact, nearly half of all employed people in the United States (forty six percent of United States workers, to be exact) say that coffee helps them to focus and be more productive while they are at work. In a study backed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) it was also found that coffee, in the way that it circulates through your body, can actually improve your memory and ability to retain information for as long of a period of time as six hours. Drinking coffee, in addition to this, will allow you to identify words and phrases faster as well – and it can even reduce your chances of developing clinical depression by as much as nearly twenty percent.

And the health benefits of coffee extend far beyond its (overwhelmingly positive) effect on the brain, which most people are aware of to some degree and in some capacity. One of the most profound health benefits of coffee is that it can actually reduce your risk for certain kinds of cancer. The reduced risk of colorectal cancer is one of the most major health benefits of coffee. For regular coffee drinkers, the chances of developing colorectal cancer drop significantly, by as much as twenty six percent, more than one fourth. And finally, coffee provides a good deal of fiber, nearly two grams of the stuff per cup, making it easy to keep your colon healthy with regular coffee consumption.

There’s no doubt about it that coffee is hugely popular no matter where you go in the United States, as well as many other places in the world on top of that. Coffee is the start to many days all around the country, and many people will use it to get them through long and sometimes difficult and stressful days. But the health benefits of coffee can also not be overlooked, as there are many of them. Ranging from brain function to colon health, coffee has been conclusively found to have a number of positive health effects, both short term and long term. So drink your coffee without any guilt!

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