Should You Serve Signature Cocktails at Your Wedding Reception?

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Hand crafted beverages add a special touch to any event, whether it?s a wedding or a corporate gala. More and more couples are choosing a signature drink for their wedding reception to symbolize their personalities. How about a classic Pimm?s Cup? Or a Tangerini? Or a Knottie Martini or a Royal Wedding Punch? Outsourcing the bar at your wedding reception means that guests can enjoy your signature drinks and remember them for a long time afterwards. Most venues allow you to outsource your wedding bar, but it?s a good idea to confirm this before booking.

Choosing a wedding bar catering service
Some venues insist on serving their own drinks, but this can quickly become very expensive. In fact, an open bar can take up 20to 25% of the catering bill for any event, whether it?s wedding reception, a corporate event, or picnic. Outsourcing your wedding bar and drinks to a bar catering service gives you greater control over your budget as well as the drinks served.
Beverage catering is a good choice if you don?t want an astronomical catering bill. Serving beer and wine along with a few signature cocktails is a good alternative to hosting a full bar. It also allows you to personalize the drinks served to match the event and your personality.

Choosing your signature cocktails
As many as 20%of couples prefer to serve signature drinks that express their personalities and the theme of their wedding reception. You could even choose drinks that match the decor in color, or that use your favorite liquor.
Consider some of these cocktails:

  • The Classic Pimm?s Cup is made with Pimm’s No. 1 and sparkling lemonade or lemon-lime soda, and garnished with strawberries, cucumber, mint and oranges. This pink drink is simple and stylish.
  • The Tangerini is a vibrant, happy, yellow splash of tangerine schnapps, vodka and tangerine juice, garnished with orange or tangerine peel.
  • The Knottie Martini is made with Bacardi Superior Rum, blue curacao and pineapple juice, with pineapple slices for garnish. The brilliant blue color speaks of clear skies and happy days ahead.
  • Another classic drink is the Royal Wedding Punch with a rich taste from Beefeater London Dry Gin, Dubonnet, pomegranate juice, lemonade and Angostura bitters.

Setting up a wedding bar
Many wedding venues allow you to set up your own bar. Catering companies have their own special bar set up or you can pick a speciality mixology service that does catering and events. As well as the drinks, the set up can be customized. You can get a formal linen draped bar for corporate venues, or a wine barrel plank bar or even a tiki hut.
Most catering services will provide the glassware, mixes, condiments and ice, as well as personable bartending staff.

When choosing venues for a wedding or any other kind of event, it?s good to ask if they will allow you to outsource your wedding bar. Signature drinks and decor will make it a memorable event that people will remember for years afterwards.

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