Why Ice Cream is Americas Favorite Treat

Paper ice cream cups

During the winter months, it can be very cold in the United States. Depending on where you live, of course, the serious temperatures can be downright brutal. Some states never see cold temperatures, especially compared to other states where temperatures can routinely reach several degrees below zero during the blustery months of the winter.

Still, no matter what the temperature is outside, Americans will continue to enjoy what has been for centuries one of the most delicious and satisfying dessert treats: ice cream.

Recently, NPD Group did some research into a number of things including how, when, and why Americans eat ice cream. It turns out that during any two-week period throughout the year, four out of every ten Americans will eat ice cream. Even in the dead of winter, it is very difficult to resist the pull of the sweet taste of a favorite flavor.

On average, we will eat ice cream over 28 times every year. For some, that number is most certainly higher. How we eat our favorite dessert is another matter. Some like to have theirs in a cone while others prefer ice cream cups. Ice cream containers come in different sizes to hold more or less, depending on how much you intend to consume.

If you are dining out and choose ice cream for your after-dinner treat, you might find exactly what you are looking for. If not, chances are you will find an ice cream shop near you that will have a number of delicious flavors from which to choose. No matter which way you decide to go, it won’t take you very long to be satisfied. Ice cream is everywhere, from convenient stores to high-end restaurants.

Ice cream containers have been developed over the years to keep the dessert fresh for quite some time. Whether the containers are made of plastic or cardboard, keeping it cold is obviously the key. As long as it’s fresh, it will taste amazing.

Although we Americans love our ice cream and will eat it anytime throughout the year, summertime is the ultimate time of year to enjoy this sweet treat. June, specifically, is the month that the most ice cream is made. Summer is the season that brings families together. With the kids out of school and parents using their vacation time to take that family trip to the beach or on a cross-country road trip, summertime is when ice cream shows its true popularity.

If ice cream isn’t exactly your thing or you are interested in watching your waistline, frozen yogurt might be for you. Over the last decade or so, frozen yogurt has made its presence known throughout the country and the world. It’s lighter and, to some, tastier. At the end of 2013, there were over 2,500 frozen yogurt stores throughout the country. But, either way, ice cream or frozen yogurt can satisfy like almost no other dessert treat.

So, whether it is Super Bowl Sunday, July 4th, or any occasion that is no occasion whatsoever, ice cream will excite the palate, put a smile on the face, and sooth the soul.

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