Beer, Wine Or Spirits The Alcoholic Drink That Has Reigned Supreme Among American Consumers

Beer containers

Nothing like a cold, crisp beer to relax your stiff shoulders and carry away the stress of the work week.

The kind of beer, wine or mixed drink you indulge in once the weekend rolls around can say a lot about you. Are you someone that likes to party hard and forget about your worries or do you prefer to ease your way into a buzz alongside some close company? Custom growlers are a wonderful gift idea for the passionate drinker in your life, coming in different sizes and styles to make sure everyone is having their unique tastes appreciated.

Did You Know?

The United States loves a good beer. A survey analyzing drinking trends among different demographics found 15% of Americans consuming beer once per week, with the average consumer buying over 27 gallons of beer or hard cider back in 2015. As of 2015 over 80% of all beer in the country is produced domestically, creating a rich beer culture that can’t be replicated anywhere else. A 64 ounce growler can make a great gift or personal addition to your shelf, perfect for taking to parties that require a hefty appetite for all things alcoholic.


Beer is beloved around the world for its robust flavor and frothy finish. A Gallup poll conducted in 2016 found nearly 44% of legal drinkers preferring beer over wine or spirits, making this one alcoholic beverage that will stay steady for quite some time yet. Not only is beer fantastic for just about any occasion, it can bring out the change in the seasons with just a few minor adjustments. Over 80% of craft beer consumers prefer to choose their beer depending on what time of year it is — pumpkin ales are popular in the fall, while beer tinged with lemon or orange make for a great summer drink.


What is it about wine that speaks to so many people? Perhaps it’s the rich decadence and long history associated with the drink. Others are invested in how the flavor grows much stronger with age. Whatever your reason, the United States is more than capable of delivering. Studies provided by WineAmerica found the American wine industry valued at a rather stunning $5 billion, with white and red wines remaining the choice for most young and older Americans. Rose wine, however, has a dedicated consumer base and is expected to see more purchases soon. Before you star thinking about the type of 64 ounce growler or personal keg to buy, consider the last choice on the list…


Mixed alcoholic drinks are often the highlight of parties, bar trips and birthdays. There are more varieties than you can shake a stick at and all have their own characteristics to match the theme of the evening. Vodka, hailing from Russia, is classified as a spirit and is most frequently consumed alongside any number of ingredients. Juice, soda and crushed fruit are popular choices at restaurants, while more interesting mixes can include milk and even hot peppers. An interesting study published back in 2001 saw the National Institute Of Health stating moderate drinkers (one glass per day) exercise more than those who don’t drink at all.

Finding Great Beer Gifts

What kind of gifts can you get for a friend or family member that loves a good drink? A 64 ounce growler isn’t a bad choice, especially for those that love large gatherings, and can be selected from any number of custom growlers on the market. Growler caps are part of what make the best beer growler, as nothing ruins a good time quicker than a bunch of spilled goodness. Try pairing your 64 ounce growler with a growler pressure cap or a beer carbonation chart to get the most out of the purchase. As of today small and independent craft brewers represent 12% of the market share.

Next time you crack open a beer, think about how you could enjoy it even more.

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