Four Reasons Your Office Needs a Coffee Service

Coffee and tea

You know you want coffee in your office. After all, coffee and tea bring people together and create camaraderie. Caffeine makes people more productive by enhancing brain energy levels and improving concentration and memory. Providing an office coffee maker is also a relatively inexpensive way to keep everyone happy. You might even be swayed by the health benefits of coffee.

But maybe you?re on the fence about whether to hire a coffee provider to bring in and maintain some kind of coffee machine for the office, or to just get a commercial coffee maker of your own. Here?s what to consider in hiring a coffee provider vs. buying your own:

  1. Cost: At first this might seem counter intuitive. Surely the best thing is to invest in your own coffee maker and save money with bulk coffee purchases? But you?re likely forgetting some things. For one, what happens if the machine breaks? You have to buy another or go through all the hassle of getting it fixed or replaced. For another, who makes the regular trips to the store for equipment and supplies? Who takes time to carefully clean the machine? Someone from your office. Someone you?re paying to do other things. Do away with all those little time and money wasters by hiring a service instead.
  2. Variety: Do it by yourself and you?ll likely have just one or two types of coffee at at time, ever. But a coffee provider can hook you up with a nice array of coffees, teas, or even specialty coffee. There?s no fighting about which kind to make, and you exponentially increase satisfaction around the office.
  3. Support: What kind of system does your office actually need? A commercial coffee maker? Single cup office coffee? A typical brew pot? The only thing worse than investing in a commercial office coffee maker that is way larger than you need would be having half your office standing around waiting for your tiny brewer to finish up its second round so everyone can have a cup. A commercial coffee provider will be able to tell you just what is appropriate for your office. And if a machine breaks down, no one at your company wastes time trying to fix it. The professionals come quickly and take care of the problem for you.
  4. Convenience: Several of the items already mentioned could conceivably come under the heading of ?convenience.? But consider this also: how many decisions do you have to make in a day? Are you exhausted by the end from doing so? Wouldn?t you love to not have to make any decisions about which coffee to buy, how many creamers are needed and in what flavors, whether there?s enough coffee left for today, or how many cups you?ll need to purchase for next week? Leave those decisions to the office coffee company and save your decision-making energy for the big stuff.

Coffee unites the office, keeps people happy and productive, and even has health benefits! There?s no good reason not to have some at your office, and every reason in the world to get a good coffee service that will do all the hard work for you.

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