Peanut Butter Is Good for You Unless You Have Allergies

Peanut oil for turkey fryer

The Parent’s Night Out is an annual tradition at your church. The fact that the parents in your congregation have a chance to spend four hours out shopping, running errands, or just resting is inviting. So inviting, in fact, that the sign up is pretty fast and furious. And while many of the parents are so excited about the opportunity to let the high school students at church that they sign up on the very first day, another set of parents wait until the last minute. The youth group is very flexible, though, so they allow parents to sign up right up until within 48 hours of the event.
The snacks are planned so that they can easily be adapted to serve 15 or 30. The indoor snowball fight that is planned can also easily adapt to either a small group or a large group. The movie time will obviously work with any number of participants.
In spite of all the planning, however, the group almost made a major mistake. Fortunately, when the snack crew was getting ready for break time the Sunday School supervisor walked in and checked the items one more time. She realized that the pretzels and frosting that were being used had been manufactured in a plant where trace peanuts may have been present. She halted all snack preparation, instructed the students to throw everything out, sanitize the entire area, and start over, leaving out the items that may put the affected children in danger.
The Sunday School supervisor has had two scary experiences with children who have peanut allergy symptoms and she never wants that to happen again. Although there are many people who think that peanuts good for you, there are a real health threat for those with peanut allergy symptoms. Even an allergy to peanut oil can be a real problem.
More than 98% of U.S. children can safely enjoy peanuts and peanut-containing foods, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. For the remaining 2%, however, even a trace of peanuts can be a real threat to those with allergies. The fact that so few people have peanut butter allergies means that nearly 94% of American homes have at least one jar of peanut butter in the

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