How Will a Commercial Meat Tenderizer Help My Business?

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Every food production company wants to run their business at optimal speeds. One way to greatly improve the way your business is run is through the use of commercial food machines. The meat industry uses many different machines to help them achieve a wide range of goals. You might be wondering what to do to step up how your meat is tenderized. Many of the most popular meat producing companies have to help to have their end product the way they need it to be. In many cases, a professional meat tenderizer is what helps companies all over the nation speed up production times.

  • Faster Production Rates: Industrial meat tenderizer machines typically come with either a semi or fully automatic type of device. A semi automatic tenderizer requires minimal user input. This type of machine will have the person using a lever to potentially lower the blades down into the meat. A fully automatic meat tenderizer requires minimal to no user input at all. The meat is loaded into the machine where it is automatically tenderized. The world of food production is one where there are many competitors. Ensuring you are producing at a fast rate helps to ensure your company has an advantage. Implementing a commercial meat tenderizer works well to speed up daily production rates.
  • Reduced Cooking Times: An electric meat tenderizer produces a product that will cook faster. Having faster cooking times is essential for businesses who need large quantities of meat cooked. This increase in cooking time can add up to large savings for a business. Running ovens for shorter amounts of time can save greatly in commercial heating costs. Keeping your products maintained is important for keeping cooking times fast. One bonus tip for production is to keep any meat grinders stored in the freezer for at least one hour prior to using. It might be far too expensive to invest in additional meat cooking areas within your facilities. Therefore, using an electric meat tenderizer could enable ovens to be ran for a shorter amount of time per cooking cycle. Having meat that doesn’t need to be cooked as long ensures more product is cooked per day.
  • Increased Accuracy: You might think that you are saving money by having your meat manually tenderized. However, one advantage of a commercial meat tenderizer is that you have the same end result every single time. Manual workers may create a good product but the results can vary wildly. Research shows that meat consumption is continuing to increase in the United States. Therefore, you must ensure that you have an accurate product to stay ahead when making a product in such high demand.
  • More Hygienic Environment: A commercial meat tenderizer machine helps to make your production area more hygienic. These machines are only used to tenderize meat which reduces the risk of any cross contamination. Workers can sometimes make mistakes that leads to a reduction in the cleanliness of a kitchen. Using a commercial meat tenderizer helps to keep any contamination issues at a minimum. One study found that annual sales in the restaurant industry have surpassed $783 billion. You must ensure that you have no hygiene issues in such a large market.
  • Extremely Tender Final Product: The end result of a commercial meat tenderizer is an extremely tender piece of meat. Producing tender meat is easier to work with in other phases of production. Consumers love being able to have tender meat that isn’t tough. Creating quality products helps to ensure you grow your customer base.
  • In summary, there are many benefits to implementing a commercial meat tenderizer for your company. This machine is used to speed up the rate at which meat is currently being tenderized. Having faster production times is especially useful when facing an increase in demand. It’s important that your business is able to meet demand and production challenges in an effective manner. Having a commercial meat tenderizer helps to ensure you produce a tender final product in a fast and efficient way.

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