Top Four Foods Rich in Vitamin E

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One popular way to increase vitamin E is by consuming the right kind of beef. One study found that adults in the United States consume nearly 66.5 pounds of beef each year. Chicken is still the slightly more popular meat, with 90 pounds being consumed per year. However, many store bought beef is not as rich in beneficial vitamins as grass fed meat is. In this post, you will learn the benefits of vitamin E, how much to consume, and which foods are rich in this vitamin.

What are the Benefits of Vitamin E?

One notable benefit of vitamin E is that it is a great source of antioxidants. These antioxidants are able to cleanse the body of material that is harmful to cells in your body. Having the right amount of vitamin E has been shown to improve immune systems. Taking vitamin E could prove especially useful during times of the year where cold and flu run rampant. Vitamin E has also been shown to help reduce blood clots from forming. As you know, a blood cost is most often a serious and deadly medical situation. Many hair and skin serums promote that they contain vitamin E which makes cells stronger.

How Much of This Vitamin Should I Consume Daily?

For adults, it is generally agreed upon that 15 milligrams is the recommended daily amount of Vitamin E. However, people with certain conditions could find that more of this vitamin is necessary. People who have issues with their arteries might be told to take a higher amount of vitamin E. However, the amount you need to take will be dependent upon what your healthcare professional advises.

Grass Fed Beef

Cows fed grass produce beef with higher levels of both vitamins A and E. In addition, grass fed cows produce beef with more omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial for the heart. You are helping local meat farmers when you buy grass fed beef online. Giving back to local businesses often comes with a sense of satisfaction. These farmers lovingly care for their livestock and that care shines through in these locally grown meats. Research shows that grass fed beef has up to seven times the amount of beta carotene than grain fed animals.


The almond is a great tasting source of vitamin E. Almonds are also well known for providing the body with energy. Many think of mixed nuts, including almonds, to be a sort of brain food. Brain foods are those made to help the mind in functioning to the best of its ability. Students and those working in the technology often make the most use out of these brain foods. In addition to being great for your brain, almonds are a great source of vitamin E. Packing almonds with you to snack on throughout the day is a great way to increase vitamin E intake.

Sweet Potatoes

Many who are dieting but looking to satisfy a sweet tooth will eat sweet potatoes. This vegetable is often a Thanksgiving staple. However, the sweet potato is a very versatile side that can hold up well in many dishes. The sweet potato is rich in vitamin E while being sweet which makes it a favorite for many.


Fish is one of the best foods around when it comes to staying healthy. Tuna is known to be rich in omega acids. These omega acids are great for helping to improve your cardiovascular health. A staple of many successful weight loss diets involves regular consumption of tuna. Opting for freshly caught fish can increase the amount of natural vitamin E when eating fish.

In summary, there are many foods rich in vitamin E. This vitamin is known to help the body in many different aspects. One benefit of vitamin E is that it helps strengthen skin and hair cells. Another important benefit of this vitamin E is how it keeps the body safe from sickness. Vitamin E increases antioxidant production which strengthens the immune system.

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