Ice Cream A Popular and Versatile Dessert

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What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? What about your customers’? Could it be vanilla? If so, you’re in good company, as the International Ice Cream Association member companies’ recent survey found that vanilla continues to be the most popular flavor for 28% of its consumers.

Since 90% of American households enjoy indulging in sweet, frozen treats on a regular basis, that will call for quite a few ice cream cups with lids-or even without. Whether these individuals indulge in ice cream or gelato, they often love to try new flavors. In order to sample what’s new, that’s going to require several shiny, colored plastic tasting spoons.

How often do Americans indulge their love of ice cream? Recent surveys show that the average person in America will do so at least 28.5 times this year alone! The NPD Group conducted research on ice-cream-consuming habits and found that 40% of people in the United States will enjoy a scoop or 2 in any given 2-week period.

The most ice cream is produced during June, which launches the summer months. Since July is National Ice Cream Month, however, it’s also likely that this contributes to the production of such large quantities of this frozen treat.

American dairy farmers produce quite a bit of milk every year, and roughly 9% of this is used to produce ice cream. Were you aware that approximately 1.5 gallons of ice cream and other desserts, such as gelato and frozen yogurt, are produced in the United States every year? It’s amazing to imagine all of that ice cream and in so many luscious flavors, including vanilla, of course.

Ice cream is such a versatile dessert. It can be eaten alone, with fruit, and other toppings. Americans also love to top off their hot apple pie with ice cream, and chances are that it will be vanilla. And yes, a dollop of ice cream is delicious on morning waffles as well as with birthday and other types of cake. What’s more is that Ice cream cups filled with this favorite indulgence tend to put a huge smile on just about anyone’s face!

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