5 Common Types of Frozen Ice Cream Consumers Should Know About

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For centuries now, ice cream has become part and parcel of most parties and gatherings. It also serves as the main dessert on any given menu. According to a study by the International Ice Cream Association, the research found that about 90% of U.S. households frequently indulge in a sweet, frozen treat. Also, it’s estimated that 40% of Americans will eat ice milk in any given two-week period; this is according to research by the NPD group, a market research company. Needless to say, there is more love towards ice cream than there is hate among people.

Ice cream is a sweet, frozen treat that has the power to make you smile by just eating a pint of it. But over the years, a variety of flavors have emerged, flooding the market with a vast array of brands to choose from, making it hard to guess which is the most preferred flavor among consumers. But before looking at the most popular flavors ice cream has to offer, it’s important first to understand the different types of ice cream.

Hard Frozen Cream
Actually, the only difference between a soft and hard ice cream is their freezing point, nothing else. Hard gelato is a just your regular ice cream made with milk, cream, sugar, stabilizers and flavoring agents like chocolate, fruit, vanilla and other sweets. Although most hard ice creams contain roughly 10% to 18% milkfat, the FDA recommend that ice cream must at least have 10% milkfat and 20% cream. At temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius is when you’ll get a frozen hard ice cream. And when properly scooped into ice cream cups and cones, it forms a steady and non-flowing mass of cream and sugar.

French Style Frozen Yogurt
A French-style ice cream is a type of dessert made from a mixture of egg and cream as the main ingredients. This mixture is added with other sweeteners, stabilizers, and other flavorings to form a custard base. After which the custard base is frozen and can later be served on disposable ice cream cups

Light Ice Milk
Light ice cream is made from the usual ingredients such as stabilizers, milk, and other sweeteners. Unlike the regular frozen yogurt, this one contains at least 25% less milk fat.

Fat-Free Frozen Dairy Ice Cream
This sherbet contains at least 0.1% fat per serving and is made with modified milk ingredients, natural or artificial sweeteners, and stabilizers.

Lactose or Gluten Free Ice Milk
Usually, additives, stabilizers, and other sweeteners that are added to frozen yogurt contain lactose or gluten. You need to read the ingredients description and avoid allergic reactions. However, artificial lactase enzymes can be added to ice creams to provide a more natural and long lasting taste.

Since June is the month most ice cream is produced? Trying a different flavor won’t hurt.

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